This Minecraft 3D graphing calculator is mesmerizing and beautiful


People have been building calculators in Minecraft for over a decade: since the introduction of redstone (a block that essentially conducts electricity), it’s become a common challenge for players to get started. There is even a wiki-page which is dedicated to him.

Calculators are their own branch of hardware design, though they’re now built into every device we use, with a fascinating history of upgrades: one of the key innovations being the graphing calculator. The idea of ​​a calculator that could visually represent functions in a rather amazing way dates back to 1921, when engineer Edith Clarke built the Clarke calculator for General Electric (it was patented in 1925). It was more than 60 years later that Casio would release the Snappily named fx7000g (1985), the first consumer graphing calculator and a beautifully thick boi – although true fans know that the Texas Instruments TI-81 is the sexiest graphing calculator of them all. This screen!

Yes I like math. Someone who likes it a lot more, however, is CommanderRedstone, who built his first version of a graphing calculator in Minecraft two years ago. Essentially, you walk into the feature and then receive a block-based visualization of the shape it creates. The old version was 2D, relatively slow and had fewer functions: but now we’re back, baby, with a 3D graphics calculator card that uses floating point, and is much faster and more accurate.

But look, here’s the important thing: it’s hypnotically beautiful to see this thing generating forms.

The creator used a Minecraft feature in the datapacks to program the various commands, and now this bad boy is able to plot at high speed and display point values ​​like nobody’s business.

You don’t have to like math or graphing calculators to enjoy it: it’s just an amazing and wonderful achievement to see these shapes generated. People have been making calculators in Minecraft forever, but this is by far the nicest example I’ve ever seen.


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