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Welcome to the Things to do first Official IGN Wiki guide page and walkthrough for Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Here we will give you some more important getting started tips and things you should do first when you start playing the game.


  • Unlock the War Table: Start the campaign (save the Avenger’s initiative for later). It’s an obvious place to start, but completing the first few story missions will grant you access to the War Table, where you’ll find Drop Zone Missions, War Zone Missions, HARM Challenges, and the ability to do team up with a friend.
  • Adjust key parameters: If the constant controller rumble and shaky screens are a sickening distraction, remember you can reduce them in the settings.
  • Keep an eye out for hidden bunkers in different maps: Many larger maps in the game feature hidden bunkers and you can find vault keys there. Vault keys unlock secret missions on the War Table for you to complete.
  • Collect resources: Resources are essential to maximize equipment. Break these glowing crates to get them.
  • Use Tactical Awareness Often: It helps you get an idea of ​​what’s around: from crates to moving objects and breakable doors. In combat, this will tell you about environmental explosives that you can use to your advantage.
  • Train your eye to look for bright white lights: If something has a bright white light on it, it means you can interact with it to hear your hero talking about said thing.
  • Make a habit of pressing R2/RT: The right trigger is how you counter, parry, and block in Marvel’s Avengers and learning this mechanic and the right timing is critical to your success in the game.
  • Get out of the habit of spamming during fights: It goes without saying, but a strategic mix of melee, ranged attacks, and the aforementioned parries will go a long way.
  • Train for combat in HARM rooms: These are rooms designed to take you through waves and waves of enemies. They are great for trying out new builds, learning how new abilities work, and generally improving in combat.


  • Spend your skill points wisely: There are over four dozen skills to learn in Marvel’s Avengers and there are some that we would consider essential for your early game experience. Head over to our Best Skills wiki page to find out which, according to us, the best skills for each character.

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