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The production of Alchemist is very present on ‘Sick!’, A project which looks back on the last decade, towards a feeling of recognition and serenity. It illuminates the darkness of Earl who reconciles with his grief and his desire to forget the past. And a name from his past that has always been attached to Earl Sweatshirt is Tyler, the creator, frontman of Odd Future, who for years was Earl’s big brother. Rumors have circulated of a falling out between the two, but Earl is quick to dismiss any idea about it. “I’m checking with my brother, we’re not completely out of touch,” he says. In 2020 the two hung out and uploaded a photo together, which was lauded as a reunion by fans, but which Earl sees as average cold. “It wasn’t beef,” he said of their apparent drift. “We just hung out together. I messed around with Tyler, we had brunch, went to the park.

Now it feels like Thebe doesn’t let the past define him anymore. Instead, he looks into the future with clear eyes. After being separated in various ways over the past few years, the 27-year-old feels like he’s always picking up the pieces. In the sorrow he felt for others, he begins to recognize the sorrow for himself having been widespread and existing in all different places, from South Africa to New York to Los Angeles. “I guess the only way is not to identify with all these things that can divide me,” he says. “But then it’s identifying with something more. Thebe realizes that he has had to go through these struggles to get to where he is today and that, for better or worse, Earl Sweatshirt and Thebe Kgositsile are coming to some kind of reconciliation, a formation of two minds. separated who find their way back. together. But, he still has a long way to go: “I want to be more useful,” he says. “I feel like I have some of the hardware and software to be resourceful and useful. Obviously it starts with myself and then it can permeate. But there is a lot of conflict, a lot of pain. , hunger and confusion that I would like to help remedy. “

” Sick ! By Earl Sweatshirt was released via Tan Cressida / Warner Records on January 14th, get it here

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