The Untold Truth of Toonami


Do you remember TOM 4? According to DeMarco, the smiling, winking incarnation of TOM was conceived by Akins as an attempt to reconnect with Cartoon Network’s core audience, since Toonami had begun to attract an older demographic. However, the changes made to TOM and the block, including the swapping of SARA for TOM Flash’s energetic, yellow doppelganger and its softer green counterpart, D, were controversial to say the least. Still, this TOM lasted long enough to see Toonami through until the emotional end of its original run.

When Toonami returned in 2012, however, it wasn’t TOM 4 that greeted fans, but its predecessor, TOM 3. More shockingly, the Toonami segment revealing that TOM 4 existed independently of the other TOMs, rather than be an upgrade from a previous one. model. Also, in that same video, TOM 3.5 (which is TOM 3, but updated) promised that fans would one day experience a never-before-seen adventure of TOM 4. In 2015, the words of TOM 3.5 came true when a online comic published on the Toonami website (now archived on the Toonami Fandom page) shows TOM 4, Flash, and D repelling a surprise attack from TOM’s classic nemesis, the Intruder, which leaves D’s body temporarily destroyed. In “The Intruder II” TIE, however, the evil blob boasts of having destroyed TOM 5’s “other self”, suggesting that the Intruder may have returned to finish TOM 4, after all.


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