The origin of the Griddy dance: How Justin Jefferson started a new NFL TD celebration craze


They say the NFL is a copycat league.

It’s a real sentiment in many ways: play calls, ploys and touchdown celebrations are among those that have traditionally been stolen – especially the latest in 2021.

You may have noticed Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Adam Thielen, Kirk Cousins, and other NFL players taking out the “Griddy” this season after scoring a touchdown. TD’s chaotic celebration has taken the league by storm, after Vikings offshoot Jefferson brought it to the NFL in 2020.

While originally an LSU thing, in just a few short years, the Griddy has taken the NFL by storm — and the world beyond.

Who started the Griddy dance?

The Griddy dance was originally invented by Allen Davis of Louisiana, a friend of former LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, who wanted to create his own rhythm dance after being inspired by the Nae Nae craze. in the mid-2010s.

Davis created the dance and his friend posted it on Snapchat, and the next morning he was inundated with videos of people copying his dance.

Once Chase ended up at LSU, he introduced the dance to teammate Justin Jefferson, and the pair introduced the dance to the rest of the LSU locker room. Jefferson took the dance to a national stage in his sophomore season in 2019 in a game against Texas, when he exploded for 163 yards and three touchdowns: After his first TD, Jefferson burst the grid for the world sees it.

The dance consists of a few simple and easy parts: tapping your heels together, raising your “B’s” – your “fat billionaire” glasses – and swinging your arms back and forth and side to side. to another in rhythm.

Now, the Griddy has swept across the world of sports and beyond, so much so that the popular video game “Fortnite” introduced dancing as one of the game’s emotes in 2020.

How to do the Griddy

For your entertainment, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to do the Griddy:

  1. Score a touchdown;
  2. Tap your heels alternating between the left foot and the right foot forward;
  3. Make an “OK” symbol with your hands (throw your B’s!) and rhythmically (this is probably difficult for some of you) bring them up to your eyes like imaginary glasses;
  4. Swing your arms back and forth and across;
  5. Repeat.
@thesportingnews Griddy King Justin Jefferson puts an end to all the bad #Griddy dance moves that are taking over the league. #SuperBowl #NFL #justinjefferson #dancetok ♬ Puff – Hany Beats

The good thing about the Griddy is that you can freestyle it however you want. Make your Griddy a luxury, why not you.

If these steps aren’t helpful, then maybe the Official Dance Founder would do you better:


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