The Halo TV Series Has a Clever Mass Effect Easter Egg


With the first episode of the Halo TV series now available, eagle-eyed fans are spotting a clever Easter egg that references another sci-fi series, Mass Effect.

halo tv mass effect easter egg

The road has been very long for the Halo TV shows. Originally announced in 2013, it featured big names in the industry like Steven Spielberg and Neill Blomkamp attached to the Halo project. Things quickly went off the rails, first in 2014 with the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios, directors and showrunners leaving the project, and then a period of a few years when the series was stuck in development hell.

Finally, finally, the Halo The TV series has overcome the many obstacles it has faced over the past nine years and has finally premiered its first episode on Paramount Plus. Although the series is just getting started, Paramount seems confident that the series will have a successful first season as the company has already renewed the Halo TV series for a second season. While fans continue to debate certain aspects of the series, such as Cortana’s change in appearance, the general consensus seems overall positive, with some even digging into the first episode for hidden secrets.


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While longtime fans would expect to see plenty of nods at the Halo series of games that the series is based on, some have discovered a very clever easter egg for another great series of sci-fi games. During a scene in the first episode with several characters staring at a UNSC monitor, a background announcement can be heard calling for a character named Commander Shepherd to go to an area called the Skillian Response Center.

Now, while it would be easy to erase the name “Commander Shepherd” because not only is it fairly common, but also misspelled from BioWare’s version, the clever aspect of this easter egg appears in the second part of the message. The use of the term Skillian Response Center, which is a clear reference to the Skyllian Blitz event which is a big piece of Shepard’s backstory. Although not depicted in any of the games, the Skyllian Blitz was a major assault on the human colony of Elysium by pirates, slavers, and Batarian warlords triggered by a controversial event. Mass Effect character known as Elanos Haliat. Players can influence their Shepard’s story by selecting them as war heroes for rallying the settlers against the invaders, or Ruthless, in which they instead took part in the retaliation against the Batarian stronghold of Torfan.

While the reference is a cool and very subtle nod to another great sci-fi franchise, many Halo fans were a little disappointed with the lack of cross-promotion between the series and Infinite Halo. As a live-service title, the multiplayer side of Halo Infinite has had no shortage of limited-time events that come and go, including Fractures: Tenrai. Given how long the game and TV have been in development, fans were hoping something would show up.

Halo is available now on Paramount Plus with new episodes launching every Thursday.

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Source: Mass Effect Wiki; Reddit

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