The Genshin Impact wiki is so massive it now has its own speedrun


The Genshin Impact Wiki, as you’d expect, is expansive, so much that browsing through it could be considered a game in itself – a game now complete with its own speedrun.

envy, a Genshin Twitch Broadcaster whose other accolades include completing the 12th floor of the Abyss with only free characters and defeating the weekly boss Azhdaha without taking damage, proved himself to be a true Archon battling through the game’s extremely substantial Wiki from start to finish. the end, in record time.

Well, in a way. It’s not a real speedrun – it’s not ranked and people don’t compete for it – but it does create a fun challenge for Genshin fans to try and beat. Enviosity’s rules of operation are simple: use a random generator to select a start page and an end page, and navigate from one to the other as quickly as possible. Content and navbars aren’t allowed, and you can’t click forward or back – to go, for example, from Reckless Pallad, the Venti story quest NPC, to the Dream Solvent, an item obtained from weekly bosses, you can only rely on your fast scrolling and clicks, and an encyclopedic knowledge of Genshin Impact.

Sounds simple, and indeed Enviosity pulls off some amazing runs, going from Kamisato Ayaka to Yelan in less than a minute – as long as you know Ayaka is a cryo character, cryo is one element, another element is hydro, and one of the characters that uses hydro is Yelan, that’s no problem.

But then you get a curveball. Try to navigate from Serenitea Pot, the item that allows you to create your own home, to Timme, the obscure NPC in Monstadt, in less than seven and a half minutes. Enviosity couldn’t do it, but maybe your knowledge of Genshin Impact is even stronger.


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