The easiest way to create an iron farm in Minecraft


Iron is an essential resource in Minecraft and is one of the few that players use from start to finish in the game. It serves as the primary crafting ingredient for a plethora of items and blocks.

The most effective are gear like iron tools, iron weapons, and iron armor, and other items like buckets, flint and steel, and shears.

There are many methods to build an efficient iron farm in Minecraft. Each technique is different and varies in difficulty and effectiveness. From large scale and complicated farms such as Minecraft player’s Gnembon to a farm using raiders and iron golems in the Nether realm, players have different choices of which iron farm to build.

Iron Farms in Minecraft: Best Options for Beginners

Currently, the easiest Iron Farm to build in Minecraft is the Zombie-Free Iron Farm. Like many other farms, iron golems serve as a source of iron in this farm.

Villagers can be used to spawn iron golems. It can earn Minecrafters around 120-150 iron ingots per hour, but only works during the day.

The following resources and items are needed to build the iron farm without zombies:

  • five beds
  • Stone blocks, or any other variation of building blocks
  • Stone walls, or any other variation of walls
  • Coffers
  • Hoppers
  • Slabs
  • Water buckets
  • Lava buckets
  • wooden panels

Tutorial for construction

Although the following tutorial is mainly about an iron farm in Minecraft, users can also learn how to make an AFK pod farm in the same video. They will need beds, blocks and a bucket of water for construction.

Steps to build a zombie-free iron farm:

  • Navigate to a suitable building location and place the main structural block to be used.
  • Build a 5×5 platform seven blocks above the ground. Going past seven blocks will cause the iron golems to spawn on the ground instead.
  • Build a block wall around the 5×5 platform.
  • Place five beds in the enclosure as shown in the tutorial.
  • Bring two villagers and give them carrots, causing them to spawn. Up to five villagers can be raised using this technique.
  • Cover the villagers’ enclosure with solid blocks to allow iron golems to spawn on it.
  • Break three blocks in the corner of the newly built platform.
  • Place three hoppers and a chest as shown in the tutorial.
  • Build a three-block wall around the top platform.
  • Place four wooden panels and lava in the corner with the hoppers as shown.
  • Place water on the lowest block in front of the lava, pushing the golems towards the lava and the hoppers.
  • Finally, wait for a single night cycle to end or change the time using commands. The Iron Farm is now ready.

Minecraft has a huge reputation for its various farms, ranging from the iron farm above to gold, experience, and basalt farms. Also, resource farms allow users to save time and focus on other projects such as construction or AFK.

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