The biggest news from the game of December 13, 2021


Roblox controversy, Switch sales, Mass Effect show, Matrix traffic jams, and more in today’s top gaming stories.

Halo Infinite: Banished Brutes in full armor with iconic Gravity Hammers

While December isn’t usually the busiest time of year for video games, there is still some decent game news to dig into today. Our biggest stories of the day include a new expose revealing even more child abuse allegedly occurring in the only game Roblox, an update on Nintendo Switch sales data, a sound clip from Henry Cavill on his interest in Amazon’s Mass Effect show, a traffic jam in Matrix Awakens, and a surprising Halo Infinite speedrun record. Without further ado, here are the biggest news for Monday, December 13, 2021.

In August, People Make Games reporter Quintin Smith posted a video that exposed a culture of exploitation of underage gamers in Roblox for what could essentially be seen as unpaid child labor on game modes and mods. This talk got even more users talking about the exploitation, gambling and sexual predation of minors on the Roblox platform. Smith turned those accounts into a second talk, posted today on Youtube. The 35-minute video is embedded above, however, it begins with a content warning for explicit messages sent to a minor.

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A new report from NPD Group, released by Business Wire, found that combined sales of Switch, Switch Lite, and OLED Switch hit 1.3 million in November, making the Switch the top-selling console in 35 of 36 last months. More than half of those sales took place during Black Friday alone, overtaking both the Xbox Series X | S and the PlayStation 5, which were largely unavailable during the holidays. However, those sales are still lagging behind last year’s figures, due to supply shortages and possibly even slightly fewer pandemic-fueled purchases.

Henry Cavill would love to be on Amazon's Mass Effect show if there is less change from source

Speaking to GamesRadar today, Witcher star Henry Cavill said he loved the Mass Effect trilogy and believed the games would make a “wonderful series of movies or TV shows.” Cavill went on to say that he would be interested in working on a Mass Effect project, but it all depends on how they execute it. The proposed Mass Effect series is said to be in development at Amazon, although details of this project have not been confirmed. Interestingly, Cavill himself posted a photo of himself on Instagram last February holding what looked like a passage from the Mass Effect wiki.


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The Matrix Awakens is a tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 that was released for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S during the game’s awards show last Thursday. In the demo, players can freely explore an open-world city that exploits a huge range of technologies only possible in Unreal Engine 5. A creative player saw fit to create a traffic jam on one of the city’s highways, causing the recoil of cars for more than a kilometer. An impressive feat and a small example of the kind of realistic experiences the UE5 may be able to deliver.

Finally, a Halo Infinite speedrunner managed to complete the game in under three hours. YouTuber Jordan’s speedrun through Infinite is just a training run where he frequently interrupts the fit settings, but at this early stage just a week after launch, it’s likely to be the current world record. Speedrun’s records change a lot, especially so close to launch, but if you want to see a first example of how quickly Infinite can be broken, check out the video linked above.

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Streamer Maya was denied bathroom break at Twitch Rivals event

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