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In the previous Arena coverage in Asgardr Report, we covered all Legendary units up to the time of writing. Since then, it’s always been a priority for players to consider all legendary meta units for the season. One area that is not covered is the duo units that have been used in the arena. This is because in the past there was no specific set of common duo units used in the arena, and this can vary greatly from match to match. Since then, this is no longer true for two reasons; A hero rises and the Duo Score creep. In this section, we’ll cover common Duo units a player might encounter in the upper tier of Arena and try to find a solution to these issues.

Ninja Corrin/Ninja Lyn

Ninja Corrin and Ninja Lyn are common sites in the Arena as they are both in A Hero Rises. Due to the banner’s outrageous value, units in A Hero Rises tend to be a common sight as a merge draft, and naturally, duo units that were on the banner will be common in the mode. These two units are not only in this section because they are winners, but rather they are the only Duo units that are in the banners. If there were to be other Duo units in the banner in the near future, it’s likely that those units will also share the same trait.

These two units are also similar in how they threaten the enemy; absolute firepower with potential quads if the opponent is not careful. Guard-based effects would block all special activations from these two units, and the Deflection Seal can also be used if a player is struggling to survive either of these two units. Finally, due to the relative lack of bulk for these units, players can also run a Far Save unit that does not counter and tap into them during the player phase.

new Year’s Day

New Year’s Dagr is also a common sight in Arena, although for a completely different reason. Dagr scores significantly higher than other Duo units due to his personal B slot. This meant that she effectively had a score similar to a 200 BST unit. Assuming the trend of score drift continues, that means the score will only be equaled by the end of this year. This has prompted many high-level arena players to summon him. Due to the nature of Vindication, Dagr is more often seen at the higher echelons of the arena, and it’s likely you’ll only see her when trying to stay at the top tier of the mode.

Fortunately, Dagr, when controlled by the AI, is quite one-dimensional. As long as your characters have the ability to negate its bonuses, Dagr can be handled with relative ease. The same technology of using a Far Save unit that doesn’t counter would work relatively well while stacking as much DEF as possible, since it can’t charge a Special fast enough to do too much damage to its opponent.

Valentine’s Day Chrome

Similar to Dagr, Chrom also scores a unit of 200 BST. Naturally, that meant he saw a lot of play at the top level. Unfortunately, unlike Dagr, Chrom is a pain in the back when dealing with unprepared players. This is because unlike Dagr, Chrom actually has a way to get his special when attacking (Time’s Pulse + To Change Fate with his weapon effect). This meant that fighting against Chrom can be even more problematic if you have an armored unit in your core, which is probably extremely common due to their relatively high base stat total.

Dealing with Valentine’s Chrom is quite similar to Legendary Chrom; Manipulated AI to allow rally loops on other units and then leveraged his overextend to deal with him in the player phase. As Chrom comes with Deadeye, it can be useful for the team to have at least 1 unit with a high enough DEF to take a hit from Chrom as well, taking advantage of the 5 damage rule to ensure that it attacks rather than activating To Change Fate. Finally, Null Follow-Up or Hardy Fighter (on Armors) would definitely come in handy to take a hit from Chrom.


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