Test Footage From Jason Momoa’s Canceled Movie The Crow Leaked


Filming a big project is like a huge gamble, you don’t know if it’s going to pay off, you just have to work on your intuition. Sometimes these movies or shows don’t see the light of day, even though they have progressed, like the game of thrones’ canceled prequel Blood Moon or The Long Night. Game of Thrones itself was on the verge of being canceled even before its first season, and we’re grateful for that. However, there is another famous project that was canceled a few years ago, which would have starred the Game of Thrones alum. Jason Momoa.

Momoa was chosen to play the main role in The crow, a remake of the cult classic film of the same name with Brandon Lee. The original film was itself a tragic story, with star Brandon Lee dying on set due to a prop malfunction. It’s been known as the Crow Curse ever since, with the legend becoming more popular once the remake was dropped. Recently, a few clips of Jason Momoa in the titular hero costume were revealed. Let’s look!

Filming couldn’t continue due to financial and creative differences, and we missed the opportunity to witness another cult classic in the making. Would you have liked to see Jason Momoa as The Crow? Tell us in the comments below!


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