TerraMaster launches comprehensive data backup and synchronization features for ransomware protection


Protecting data from ransomware and other cyberattacks is a significant and primary concern for NAS customers and users, and TerraMaster recognizes the need for better safeguards. Recently, QNAP NAS device was hit by ransomware called “Checkmate”. Checkmate ransomware invades leaked SMB services on the Internet and uses a dictionary attack to crack accounts with vulnerable passwords.

TerraMaster Reveals Comprehensive Data Backup and Sync Feature to Increase Protection

TerraMaster is launching several new single portal folder-level data backup and synchronization features for TerraMaster products. With the latest suite of TOS 5 applications, such as Centralized Backup, TFSS, and TFM Backup, the company does what it can to provide plenty of data backup and recovery options.

Main characteristics

Enterprise-focused proactive backups for large enterprises

“Centralized Backup” is an enterprise-oriented backup solution that not only enables data backup, but also restores many types of devices with a single TNAS device.

TFSS (TerraMaster File System Snapshot)

TFSS (TerraMaster File System Snapshot), created by the company, presents a disaster recovery tool designed based on the BTRFS File System.

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BTRFS is a computer storage format that combines a file system based on the principle of copy-on-write (COW) with a logical volume manager (not to be confused with the LVM of Linux), developed together. It was originally designed by Oracle Corporation in 2007 for use in Linux, and as of November 2013, the filesystem’s on-disk format has been declared stable in the Linux kernel. According to Oracle, Btrfs “is not an actual acronym”.

– BTRFS Wikipedia explanation

BTRFS will take a snapshot of the TNAS file system to help recover data from faulty operations or ransomware incursions.

TFM backup
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TerraMaster Folder Mirror (TFM) Backup is a reliable and dedicated backup tool for TNAS system shared folders. With TFM Backup, backup shared folders in TNAS that are readily available are sent to other local folders. Users can schedule backups for automation and choose between mirror and differential backups.

Dual save

Duple Backup offers simple yet robust backup and restore functions and is another disaster recovery tool developed to enhance the data security of TNAS devices. Duple Backup is the perfect protection against hardware and system failures. It helps with several backup strategies of cumulative backup and multi-version backup.

CloudSync App for Live Bare Metal to Cloud Sync

The new CloudSync app integrates multiple cloud drives. It syncs them in one app, including Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze, Box, Dropbox, Koofr, OpenDrive, pCloud, Yandex disk and Aliyun. The new application is perfect for users to focus on managing many synchronization tasks and add an assortment of cloud disk synchronization.

Synchronizing multiple clients with TerraSync
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TerraSync, a synchronization tool self-developed by TerraMaster, recognizes the synchronization of data between considerable users and numerous devices. It efficiently executes data sharing between branches and data synchronization between individuals across multiple devices and platforms, which helps employees in joint work and improves work efficiency.

Time Machine Quota

Enable TerraMaster Time Machine storage quota and backups stop immediately when the capacity used by the backup exceeds the quota limit.

Readers and users interested in learning more about the new data backup and synchronization features of TerraMaster TOS 5, please visit https://www.terra-master.com/global/tos5.

News source: TerraMaster


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