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What you discover how to cut your own bangs or seek to give you a whole new color, there’s no better time than summer to try a new activity. From crazy colors to sophisticated cuts, this summer hair inspiration is about what *you* love and a bold statement that doesn’t hold back.

summer hair colors

Having orange hair doesn’t mean you have to look like a traffic cone. Even a little toned down, burnt orange hair still stands out from the crowd.

Pull an Ariel by coloring your hair a bright shade of red. To maintain your color, wait a few days after dyeing it, then wash in cold water.

There are several different paths you can take if you want rainbow hair. Dye from root to tip for a vertical rainbow, or go horizontal around your entire head.

Purple may be our favorite hair dye color, and this dark ultraviolet is bold enough to turn heads – but it’s super chic.

What’s great about magenta hair is that it’s fun, yet it looks almost natural…which makes it great middle ground for people who don’t like shades of crazy hair but want to experiment.

Jet black is shiny, sleek and goes well with literally everything.

Summer haircuts

Layered long haircuts are kind of like a modern take on the Rachel haircut from Friends. Layered, chunky and just the right amount of old school.

Tapered haircuts are a perfect example of how you don’t have to have long hair to always look amazing. It’s also a great way to let your accessories take center stage.

Long bobs look great straight, wavy, or curly, and depending on your hair type, you can either thin the ends or opt for a blunt cut. In short, it’s good for everyone.

The wolf haircuts of 2022 are reminiscent of the rockstar haircuts of the 80s. Our graphic designer Claire looks stunning with hers!

Summer hairstyles

Peekaboo braids are a great way to add color and detail without adding an extra layer to your hairstyle.

There are tons of easy mid-length hair updos you can try, like this French braid leading into a low bun. Looking for more inspiration? Discover our collection of Bubble Braid Ideas and Hairstyle trends 2022.

By removing small pieces on each braid, butterfly braids will add fun and whimsy to your beauty routine. They look amazing both on their own and when added to other braided styles.

The knotless bohemian braids feature curls hanging down from each place, which adds a ton of beautiful visual detail and gives a great evening look.

French braids are a very simple way to add something to your hair, and if you change the method (outside and bottom braiding instead of top and inside), you get Dutch braids.

We’ll always be taking inspiration from Zendaya, and ’90s mermaid hair is definitely on our radar this summer. Sleep with your hair in pigtails or grab your straightener and rock it back and forth (as in this tutorial) as you progress through each section.

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Image selected via Helena Ije/Pexels.

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