Steam Deck 2 is absolutely coming, a new booklet from Valve confirms it


The valve has newly published a rather sophisticated Steam Deck booklet to introduce Valve, Steam and the Steam Deck to the new Asian markets they are about to expand into and it gives some fun details.

Much of it goes back over everything those of us in Western markets already know, including where Valve’s servers are located, information about their previous hardware, and how things like the Steam Link and Steam Controller made it possible. to the Steam Deck to actually be a thing.

He also confirmed, once again, that SteamOS will be getting a generic installer so anyone can install the latest SteamOS available from the Steam Deck on their PC. Along with that, hardware vendors will also be able to use it, so we will eventually see devices from others with some already looking at it like GPD and OneXPlayer.

So what about a Steam Deck 2? Well, it doesn’t get much firmer than “Going forward, Valve will follow up on this
produced with hardware and software improvements and iterations, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market.” which was taken from the last info page:

The page mentions that they want it to be “even more open” than the first generation too. I don’t know how they plan to improve on this, as it’s already one of the most open consumer gaming devices, but I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

What do you think of the future of the Steam Deck and SteamOS?

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