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Starsbane Radahn is a powerful Elden Lord who stalks the Wailing Wastes and can be considered the boss of Red Mane Castle. The battle against him is an interesting mix of fun and challenge, but can be a bit tedious and random.

Check out our boss strategy guide below for more on how to support this big enemy:


Be sure to do one final upgrade and gear check before facing Radahn. Defense and health will be two of your biggest assets against his powerful attacks which have the potential to kill almost instantly.

Starscourge Radahn Boss Fight

Starscourge Radahn is a powerful Elden Lord who stalks the Wailing Wastes. The battle against him is an interesting mix of fun and challenge, but can be a bit tedious and random.

The battle will begin the instant you spawn in the Wailing Wastes, and Radahn will immediately begin firing powerful arrows at you. Wait for the moment just before the arrow hits you, then dodge the side roll. You need to do this multiple times at the start of the fight, so keep an eye out for him at all times.

The trick to this battle is that you can summon a handful of NPCs to help you through the festival. You will see their summoning signs scattered on the sand in front of you. Dash towards the panels and summon NPCs between arrow shots until all possible allies have been summoned so the real battle can begin. Allies you can summon include:

  • Great Horned Tragoth, who wields a giant hammer
  • Lionel Coeur de Lion, who summons large groups of traveling souls
  • Okina, a samurai who uses flaming blood slice attacks
  • Alexander the Iron Fist, the pot warrior you might have encountered earlier in the game
  • Blaidd the Half-Wolf, another warrior you may have encountered earlier as part of Ranni’s questline
  • Patches (if you encountered him and didn’t kill him, although he takes a few steps before deciding to leave quickly instead of fight)
  • Finger Maiden Therolina, who can be summoned near the top of the dunes and will summon healing spells to try and strengthen the party

Radahn will change his strategy and start firing shotgun arrow blasts as well as a hail of homing arrows. During this time, strafe from a safe distance until your NPC army reaches him and he switches to melee attacks. At this point you want to jump on Torrent and run with the rest of your allies.


Riding for this battle isn’t 100% mandatory, but due to its incredible onslaught moves, it’s highly recommended to stay mobile on horseback unless you’re an expert at dodging fast attacks.

This is where the battle gets a little unpredictable. Radahn has many powerful and ranged attacks, and he moves incredibly fast. He will start going after the various summoned NPCs, killing most of them with ease. It’s during these distracted times that you want to rush Torrent and execute a hit-and-run.

Try to pick a weapon with good range and damage as you’ll only hit it once or twice per pass (bleeding doesn’t hurt either). Try to hit him mostly in the back, as he’ll likely attack forward when he tries to hit your summoned allies. Your goal is never to be the center of attention and to run away whenever he turns to you. Stick around too long, and it’s more than likely you’ll be caught in a sweeping strike, stunning Torrent long enough that you can’t dash in time to escape a killing blow.

Keep in mind that most of his attacks are multi-hit combos. His most punishable attacks are his dual-weapon airstrikes. He has 2-3 different ones, so keep an eye out for him. Anytime you see him slam both of his weapons into the ground, that’s an opening to attack.

Just watch out for the purple charged blades, which cause a massive explosion when he pulls them out of the ground. If you’re lucky, your allies might even hit it enough times to trigger a stagger, in which case you can jump off Torrent and get a heavy attack.

You should also consider crafting tons of Rowa Raisins to feed Torrent during the parts of the battle where you aren’t being attacked. Losing Torrent in a battle like this can often result in instant death, and your mount doesn’t always regenerate to full health when you die and respawn – so complete it before returning for another attempt!

Radahn also has a few ranged blade attacks to keep in mind, the first a volley of purple orbs that can be easily dodged by strafing. The second is a wave of electricity that shoots through the ground, which you need to double-jump with Torrent – ​​and jumping over this dive attack can often give you a free hit or two.

When Radahn reaches 50% health, he leaps into the sky and disappears from battle for approximately 10 seconds. Use this time to heal and search for any nearby summon signs, which will respawn for anyone killed during the first phase. Keep an eye on the sky, as you can see Radahn arriving as he descends back to earth. At this point, you’ll also have one more ally to summon that has been added to the mix: Castellan Jerren, the festival emcee who wields a flaming flamberge.

Note – You may only be able to summon cooperators a certain number of times before their summon panels stop appearing among the dunes. This means you won’t always be able to let them do all the heavy lifting for you – so putting your shots where it counts can be crucial to victory.

In phase two, Radahn gains new tricks, but with your refreshed gang of summoned allies supporting you, the strategy remains essentially the same. His attacks become more powerful and gain wider ranges or more severe effects. You need to focus and double down here and not let the fight go on long enough for Radahn to kill all your allies again, or use his powerful meteor summons which are both hard to dodge and deadly.

Overall, this is a boss battle that can be considered at least partially luck-based. If your summoned allies stay alive and do their thing, Radahn may never even look at you, allowing you to get hits and free hits. But if he kills them all with one or two combos, you could be running for your life. Once you have mastered the patterns mentioned above, it will only depend on the number of attempts, so keep going and the festival will eventually end with you the winner.

Killing Radahn will earn you the Memory of the Starscourgeand Great Rune of Radahn. This will also trigger a cutscene that shows a meteor landing somewhere on the map, which will trigger Ranni’s questline to continue…

To note: If Redmane Castle was devoid of enemies in your game, or if you just want to be able to fight them again, you can return to Castellan Jerren in the chapel behind the square to get one final dialogue from him that concludes the event. “festival”. , returning the castle to its normal state full of enemies.


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