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Aya Shameimaru is a bit more unique compared to other A-Type Multiverse characters so far. In a sense, her Flower-self is not a reflection of her first appearance, as it was through the Touhou Project print jobs! Aya first served as a reporter on everything that happened within Gensokyo, writing about both incidents and other characters. It’s only Touhou 9: Phantasmorgia of Flower View where Aya was finally able to shine in a danmaku setting. As a tengu reporter for the Bunbunmaru newspaper, Aya flew around Gensokyo looking for a scoop as the flowers bloomed rapidly during the Blooming Incident. In the end, she realized that it was an event she had already experienced in her life… but don’t tell Aya, she’s always looking for something interesting!

In LostWord, Aya’s attacks are above average for Friends of the Festival standards and fit in nicely with other Type A Friends. Additional fans (Flower), is your daily 0P Wood break which gives it a Spammable Wood option. Each of his spells has an element attached to each of his lines, either divided into 3 elements as for his first spell, Crossing sign: Cross of Saruta, or 2 elements as on his second spell, Sign of blockade: Terukuni shining across heaven and earth, and his last word, Giant Azaka Seashell. It might be a rather wild mix of wood, metal, sun, and even water, but it gives Aya some pretty nice elemental cover for several fights. As for the pre-ATK effects of his spells, Crossing sign: Cross of Saruta is the highlight to reduce evasion of all targets by 3 levels (2T), acting as a huge precision support for the whole team. While Sign of blockade: Terukuni shines through heaven and earth has underwhelming effects, it can shatter Blind Anomalies via 2P Flash Bullets, allowing it to synergize with Blind Inflictions. Giant Azaka Seashell is a… rather unique Last Word in terms of execution (which you can read for more info in the Last Word text itself), but overall it just serves as a very strong option in turn 1 thanks to the Yang ATK boost and Agility 2 levels (3T) for its Slicing scaling.

As for Aya’s skills, they stick to debuffs with a few other self-buffs. His first skill Wet crow plumage, does a lot thanks to giving 2 extra levels of Evasion DOWN (2T) to all enemies while increasing her own Yang ATK by 2 levels (2T) and giving herself Quick so she can apply Evasion debuffs with Crossing sign: Cross of Saruta before any other friendly attack. His second skill, Geta of Wales, may seem less impressive since it’s a precision debuff, but applying 2 blind anomalies to all enemies combines well with Sign of blockade: Terukuni shines through heaven and earth Lightning bullets and even other blind anomaly breakers. To finish, Wind God Skill is his third skill with 1.00 Spirit Power restoration, 2 Yang levels DEF DOWN (2T) for all enemies, and 2 Agility levels UP (3T) for his own Slicing scaling. All of these skills have their own uses for making Aya excel in both offense and a bit of support.

Unfortunately, Aya’s supporting role based on team utility is pretty weak. The Yang DEF debuff being on a skill helps for longer fights, but combining his two sources of Evasion DOWN as well as his character ability, Able to manipulate the wind, giving the group even more Accuracy UP based on the number of Grazes used in the round, Aya’s accuracy support can actually be considered overkill. Also, even with a certain setup, she won’t hit as hard as other friends who go for all-out attacks. Still, all of Aya’s elemental breaks, anomaly breaks, and debuffs combine to make a very useful reporter who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for a scoop.


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