Seeed and alwaysAI Partner to Accelerate Deployment of Computer Vision at the Edge


SHENZHENChina and SAN DIEGO, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Seeed, an AIoT hardware services platform, and alwaysAI, a leader in computer vision software platforms, announced their partnership to advance application development and deployment peripheral computer vision.

With Seeed’s wide range of Jetson-powered devices and alwaysAI’s edge deployment flexibility, the partnership brings computer vision to life at the edge – where work and life happen.

Seeed and alwaysAI have started their cooperation with NVIDIA® Jetson™ powered devices. At Seeed you will find everything you need to work with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Platform – Official NVIDIA® Jetson™ development kits, Seeed carrier boards and edge devices, and accessories. alwaysAI has also partnered with NVIDIA® to facilitate the deployment of CV models on Jetson™ devices.

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is used by professional developers to create breakthrough AI products and by students and enthusiasts to deepen their hands-on AI learning. The alwaysAI-Seeed partnership is ideal for real-time applications in retail, robotics, smart city, and manufacturing. By combining Seeed’s state-of-the-art hardware, cutting-edge technology from software partners like alwaysAI, and the developer community, digital transformation is streamlined across industries.

As Marty’s BeardCEO of alwaysAI, says, “This partnership allows us to combine the software that enterprise developers need to build computer vision applications and deploy them to the edge devices that Seeed is so adept at bringing together.”

Developers can also check out Seeed starter wiki at alwaysAI. The tutorial walks you through how to more easily deploy CV apps to edge devices and introduces you to alwaysAI’s catalog of templates.

About alwaysAI
alwaysAI is a leading computer vision development platform for building and deploying machine learning applications to edge devices such as NVIDIA® Jetson™. Development resume apps is just too complex and time-consuming for day-to-day developers to tackle head-on. alwaysAI removes these barriers, making building computer vision applications easier, faster, and more efficient across industries. alwaysAI provides developers and businesses with a comprehensive platform to build, deploy and manage computer vision applications on IoT devices.

About seeds
Seeed, the AIoT hardware services platform has been serving the global developer community since 2008, providing open technology and agile manufacturing services with a mission to make hardware more accessible to everyone. Seeed aims to lower the threshold for hardware innovation and become the most trusted hardware platform – enabling everyone to achieve their digital transformation goals.

We are looking for partners to join our ecosystem to provide solutions to different industries together. please contact [email protected] for more information on the partner ecosystem.

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