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Welcome to the Secret ending IGN Walkthrough and Wiki Guide page for Returnal on PS5. This page explains what Secret ending is, and how you can access it by playing through Returnal’s Act 3, which unlocks after beating Ophion in the Abyssal Scar and already rolling credits.



How to unlock the Secret ending in return

In order to unlock the secret end in Returnal you have to start over with a new race. By doing this, you can start collecting the six Sun Face Fragments.

You can find them scattered around random locations around Returnal’s world, which means you may have to die and restart multiple times to get them all. Each fragment of the solar face is permanent.

Once you’ve obtained all six Sunface Shards, return to the 20th Century House and experience the sixth and final Haunted House sequence. In it, you climb to the top of the stairs and collect the square cube next to the telescope near the window. Then you descend to the basement and interact with the wheelchair.

Here you will collect the car keys needed to get into the car you saw after beating Ophion the first time. You’ll have to replay until the end and beat Ophion a second time, this time going straight to the car instead of passing it. Use the key to unlock the car and watch the very latest cutscene.

It’s hard to say if this is Returnal’s real ending or not, given how abstract it is and how little closure it gives you. Instead, the real ending is probably left to interpretation, and the two endings are just two different pieces of the same puzzle.


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