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Scarecrow is the leader in the Protocol Assimilation Tutorial, and unlike its history counterpart, SFcap Scarecrow offers both tremendous power and utility, making it a surprisingly powerful reward for clicking a few. buttons.

The Scarecrow’s stats look impressive at first glance, but are relatively comparable to the leaders’ stats. His damage in particular is a little less impressive than it looks, as his attacks deal a percentage per shot, as opposed to the total value. The rest of his stats are almost exactly in the middle of the road for the pointers, but Scarecrow’s strength lies elsewhere.

While it can be slightly obscured, the damage the Scarecrow deals against unarmored enemies is surprisingly high, dealing 120% of its damage stat to an unarmored target at 40% pieces per volley, but that also means that it will suffer against armored enemies, as the armor evades from each individual attack, greatly reducing its damage, so care should be taken when selecting enemies for the Scarecrow, or if using it against armor, allies with AP must be chosen. Its active attack temporarily alters its targeting, allowing the Scarecrow to engage the backline or prioritize weakened enemies, but this is an ancillary advantage as opposed to something you should build around around. strategies.

Scarecrow Skill 2, Shadow Predation, further sets her apart from other leaders, allowing her to place a temporary ally echelon in the field, expand trade chains, capture nodes, block spawns, or draw enemies into position. It costs 1 AP so some planning is required, but it’s a powerful tool, made more powerful by a somewhat unusual quirk in the cooldown. Ringleader’s card skills work much like fairy skills, and if the echelon withdraws and redeploys, the skill’s cooldown is reset. The Scarecrow cannot fully exploit this, as the number of deployed Scouts is limited to 1, but she can use this quirk to keep a Scout active at all times.

Scarecrow Skill 3 and 4, Curse and Phantom stage respectively, are smaller advantages compared to Shadow Predation but nonetheless are significant contributions to the effectiveness of Scarecrow. Adapting to its tradition as a scout and scout unit, it works best on enemy nodes, Phantom stage Increases the damage of his entire echelon by a small but significant amount, thanks to the higher overall stats of SF units. The boost only changes slightly with the levels, which makes the investment expensive for a low return.


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