Russian Army, from More Electric Charger – Information on the challenger in case you haven’t seen it


The Soviets… uh the Russians would tell you that quantity has its own quality. I read an account of a German tank commander in a Tiger who destroyed 50 T-34s in two consecutive days. Despite this, the Soviet army kept coming.

In effect. Although I wouldn’t take them too lightly. A T-72 can still ruin your whole day. During World War II, the Wehrmacht was more afraid of Soviet artillery than of its tanks. Nothing like more than 8,000 howitzers bombarding you.

You’re right that their command structure stinks. The high command (general officers) does not trust any rank below the rank of colonel. Typically, lower-ranking Soviet (or Russian) officers perform work equivalent to that of US Army NCOs. Guess that’s why they lost seven generals in Ukraine the last time I checked.

I think you could say that of any army defending its own territory. It may have taken the Soviets 6 months to stop the Wehrmacht, but they stopped them in Moscow and again in Stalingrad. I must say that I am impressed with the Ukrainian army. The Russians were stopped in their tracks around kyiv but not so much to the east and south. Yet they fought at Muriopol despite their encirclement.

Yes indeed. Wiki has the Chinese military at nearly 2.7 million in 2017. According to Wiki, the US military has 1,347,106 active (all branches) and 807,562 reserves (all branches) in 2020. Despite the American technological advance, I still wouldn’t want to assume the Chinese forces. The technological advance is not by much. Moreover, China may well have the political will to do something when it thinks the time is right.


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