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This page of IGN’s Tunic Guide is for the first half of Ruined Atoll: Library Annex. In this guide we will explain where you can find the entrance to the sub-dungeon of this area, the domain of the frog.

The Ruined Atoll


The Ruined Atoll: Library Annex is an area you will need to pass through before you can reach the Great Library where you will find the Green Key. More importantly, this is where you can find and venture into the realm of the frog where you’ll find the Magic Orb, a grappling hook-type magic item that will allow you to grab onto hooks, broken Autobolts, or even to catch enemies out of reach.

You can reach the Ruined Atoll in two ways:

1. Go to the south beach of the Overworld and walk along the bridge until you find a ladder that will allow you to climb up to reach the entrance.

2. Fast travel via golden teleport panels. You can find one next to the Old House in the Overworld. Stand on it then press A and hold A to teleport to the Far Shore. Once there, run to the teleport pad in the lower left and hold A to quickly travel to the Ruined Atoll.

Right at the entrance, you’ll find a Fox Sanctuary save point where you can restore your health if you need to. In front, there will be a telescope that you can use to get a wider view of the area.

In this area you will find 4 obelisks which you must activate in a specific order – each will correspond to the four fox statues found in the center of the stage, which will open a path to the Great Library.

But before you do anything, the first thing you’ll want to do is find and enter the frog’s domain, where you’ll find the magic orb. The domain of the frog is in the northwest corner of the region.

To reach the frog’s domain, run to the statue in the center of the ruined atoll, then follow the purple power line northwest to the end. When you reach the shore, head right towards the red ruins, climb over the rubble and run towards the treasure chest. You can come back to earth where you can run between the two cliffs to find a wooden ladder. Climb on it and go inside.

Kill the adult frog then go down the second ladder. From there, descend the long, long, long series of wooden ladders and stairs until you reach Domaine de la Grenouille.

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