Roblox Critical Legends 2: All Crafting Recipes


Roblox players can craft a number of really useful equipment, weapons and other items in Critical Captions 2. These can easily enhance your gameplay without the need to constantly buy and consume potions. All you have to do is collect the required amount of ingredients and use a crafting station to craft these items.

Our guide will provide you with the list of all crafting recipes in Roblox Critical Legends 2. You don’t even have to search chests for these recipes, because you’ve already listed them below.

All crafting recipes in Roblox Critical Legends 2

Black Mana Gloves

Coin of Greed

  • 1x healing spell
  • 100x Gold Bar

devil’s contract

  • 1x Black Flame
  • 1x exhaling pulse
  • 20x black fur
  • 1x void rune
  • 50x Gold Bar
  • 25x Silver Ingot

fang dagger

  • 1x hunting dagger
  • 1x bat fang

honey dagger

  • 1x fang dagger
  • 25x Honey
  • 5x Bronze Ingot


  • Bronze: 2x bronze ore
  • Silver: 3x Silver Ore
  • Gold: 4x gold ore

key of darkness

  • 1x mysterious key
  • 5x black fur

mana stone

  • 1x Weak Manastone
  • 5x gold ore
  • 10x Silver Ore
  • 20x bronze ore
  • 15x magic residue

poisoned dagger

  • 1x bee stinger
  • 1x throwing dagger


  • 1x cold potato
  • 1x hot potato

Prince plate armor

  • 1x metal plate
  • 5x Prince slime gel
  • 1x Prince Slime Core
  • 20x Silver Ingot
  • 40x Bronze Ingot

royal jelly key

  • 1x mysterious key
  • 1x Prince Slime Core
  • 2x Jelly Prince Slime
  • 1x Slime Essence
  • 10x Gold Bar

Shadow Slime Key

  • 1x Key of Darkness
  • 2x Slime Prince Core
  • 5x Prince slime gel
  • 1x Slime Essence
  • 3x Gold Bar

Slime Boots

  • 1x traveler boots
  • 5x slime gel
  • 1x Slime Core

slimy key

  • 1x mysterious key
  • 2x Slime Core
  • 5x slime gel
  • 1x Slime Essence
  • 3x Silver Ingot

Sharpened despair

  • 1x honey dagger
  • 1x Armor Breaker

Winged boots

  • 1x mud boots
  • 5x bat wing
  • 3x fox skin

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