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” Grave ! is a side-scrolling action-adventure platform video game from the PlayStation 1 (PS1) era that used the console’s ability to render 3D graphics to its advantage. It is also one of many platform games released in the late 90s, such as “Spyro the Dragon” on PS1, “Super Mario 64” and “Banjo-Kazooie” on Nintendo 64.

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Tomba, the titular character, and the game itself are named differently depending on the region the game was released in. According to the Tomba! Wiki, those who played the Japanese and North American version of the game know him and his titular character as Tomba, while those who played the PAL or European version got to know the game and the titular character by as Tombi.

What you need to know about “Tomba!”

” Grave ! and its sequel, “Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return”, were developed by Japanese game studio Whoopee Camp under the guidance of company founder Tokuro Fujiwara. Fujiwara was previously employed at Capcom before leaving in December 1995 due to his desire to “create new and original games”.

By that he meant something that was considered impossible to do within Capcom, according to a Polygon article.

Interestingly, he worked as general producer on the first “Resident Evil” game before leaving Capcom to create Whoopee Camp, according to Moby Games’ “Resident Evil” entry.

In both games, players join Tomba as he journeys to retrieve his gold bracelet and rid the continent of evil and the Koma Pigs’ greed for all things gold, as was the case in the first game. .

In the second game, the goal was to save a friend, Tabby, and defeat the curses on various towns thrown down by the Evil Pigs, according to the Tomba! Wiki.

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As with all side-scrollers, players navigate the game by going to the other side of the screen while dodging obstacles, battling enemies, and collecting items to name a few. Tomba can also attack enemies with weapons the player finds or Mario-style jump them and gain experience and level up abilities, depending on the Tomba! Wiki.

“Tomba! 2” retains gameplay from its predecessor but replaced the first game’s 2D sprites with 3D models, while some stages give players a full 3D view instead of accessing them through climbing walls, according to a separate Tomba! Wiki page.

The sequel also added primary and secondary events that players would automatically clear as the game progresses, as is the case with the first, or an optional objective, as is the case with the second.

Renaissance to modern era

Although both “Tomba!” games were released for the PS1, video game publisher Monkey Paw Games decided to bring them back for the next generation of gamers to experience a game loved by fans and critics alike.

The developer released the first “Tomba!” game in June 2012 in the PSOne Classics section of the PlayStation Store (PS Store) according to the PlayStation Blog post.

Meanwhile, “Tomba! 2”, or at least its Japanese version, hit the PS Store in February 2014, with its English release in November 2015, according to a separate PlayStation blog and Gaming Age articles on the game. .

Unfortunately, the games appear to be quietly being removed from the PS Store as part of Sony’s decision to shut down the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 and Vita, which was discontinued on April 19, 2021, according to a separate PlayStation Blog post.

It’s unclear if the games have made a comeback, but they could be part of PlayStation’s new game pass dubbed “Project Spartacus,” as reported by GameRanx.

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