[RETRO GAMING] Do you remember the “Chip’s Challenge”?


“Chip’s Challenge” is a game from the early 90s, a time when CRTs were the monitors of the day and Microsoft Windows was about to stretch its legs.

The game is a tile-based puzzle video game developed by Chuck Sommerville for Original Windows (included in Microsoft Entertainment Pack and Best of Windows Pack), MS-DOS, the portable Atari Lynx and ZX Spectrum, by Classic Reloaded.

The game is a nostalgic trip for many veteran gamers so much so that in 2020, the game was added for free to popular digital video game distributor, Steam, in its 16-bit glory.

Plot, features and more

The plot of “Chip’s Challenge” is as simple as the game itself: the game follows high school student Chip McCallahan as he works his way through various puzzles of varying difficulty in his school’s science lab to enter a Melinda The Mental Marvel’s very exclusive Bit Buster. Club.

Players will need to solve Melinda’s puzzles which consist of a tiled grid to take Chip to the next level, for Polygon. The player must collect several computer chips to unlock the exit portal and progress through the game to solve each level. However, players will have to keep in mind the puzzle obstacles that the player must avoid in order to survive. These obstacles include enemies, moving blocks, locked doors, and difficult terrain (fire, water, etc.).

The game provides players with ways to overcome these obstacles, such as fire boots, rollerblades, and what appear to be diving flippers.

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There are 148-149 levels in the game, depending on which version you had at the time. If you had Microsoft’s version of the game, you would have to go through 149 levels to beat the game. Otherwise, you would only have to complete 148 levels. These levels can be skipped by entering a case-insensitive four-letter password, which might be easy to crack if you had the Windows version of the game.

However, the game can be generous to players as it allows players to skip a level if they are having trouble getting past it. The Microsoft version even has a hidden option called “Ignore Passwords”, allowing players to skip levels up to level 146 without providing a password, according to the Chip’s Challenge Wiki.

However, the game measures the player’s progress using the number of levels completed and their accumulated total score – the sum of the scores achieved in each level.

Steam Release 2020

PCGamesN previously reported that “Chip’s Challenge” was added to Steam for free on September 22, 2020. It also comes with its sequel, Chip’s Challenge 2 in a $4.99 bundle. The game is slightly updated to run on modern machines. As such, “Chip’s Challenge” and its sequel can be played using devices with at least a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, DirectX 6.0, 100MB of available storage, and a 16-bit sound card, for Steam Store Chip Challenge Page.

Reviews of the game on Steam have been overwhelmingly positive, with many gamers being struck with a sense of nostalgia and happiness to be able to play one of their favorite games again since the game was released some 30 years ago. Although some disapprove of the game’s new engine, animated graphics, and dated gameplay, “Chip’s Challenge” continues to be played to this day.

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