Rare Mountain Dew Soda from the 1970s can be found in the walls when renovating the house


A man has taken the internet by storm after discovering an old can of Mountain Dew inside the wall of his house during renovations.

On Thursday, Ben – who uses the handle AlternativeEgomaniac on Reddit – shared the image with the internet after the can was found while carrying out renovations in Niagara Falls, Canada.

The old can features a design that reviewers say is from a 1970s promotion, with a “Play Buckshots” graphic and classic Mountain Dew logo below.

Ben said Newsweek“I was at work where we were doing some renovations and one of the workers found the box after removing some drywall.

“I googled the box and found it was from the mid-1970s.”

The original Mountain Dew was invented in the 1940s by Tennessee brothers Barney and Ally Hartman. Marketed in Virginia and Tennessee, during the company’s early years, the Hartman brothers gave Mountain Dew a classic hillbilly-inspired design, like the one found on this can.

Brand expansion

In 1964, the Pepsi-Cola Company acquired the Mountain Dew brand and production expanded. According to a timeline on a Mountain Dew fan wiki page, promotion of Willy the Hillbilly began in 1965 with many designs featuring the cartoon and the phrase, “It’ll tickle the guts of yore!”

Almost 10 years later, in 1973, Pepsi rebranded Mountain Dew, ditching the hillbilly style and changing the logo in an attempt to appeal to a new customer base.

“Cool find. Love finding this stuff,” said one commenter on the Reddit post that featured the find: “Every home improvement project becomes a potential time capsule.”

“Neat! Love the artwork on it,” read another reply.

A quick online search revealed that another version of the 70s soda can, albeit slightly better, was being sold on eBay for just over $120. But Ben has different plans for his discovery and said: “I think I’ll gift it to a friend who is interested in collecting old things like that.”

When it comes to catching a glimpse of some of the soda brand’s classic packaging yourself, the East Tennessee Historical Society has shared its “It’ll Tickle Yore Innards – A (Hillbilly) History of Mountain Dew” exhibit with a wider audience at birthplace. from the Country Music Museum in Bristol, Virginia, where it is on view until August 7, 2022.

“Wonder if this was put in the wall out of laziness or someone who liked the idea of ​​a makeshift time capsule. From trash,” another commenter said on the Reddit post: “From anyway, I think it’s cool.”

It’s not the only unusual find in a house wall, in April another home renovator wowed the internet when he discovered a 60-year-old McDonald’s in the walls of an apartment building in Illinois, including fries still intact.

Images of the rare 70s Mountain Dew can be found during a home renovation in Ontario, Canada. The box features a design that reviewers say originated from a promotion in the 1970s

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