Project M is an amazing looking Unreal Engine 5 adventure game by a South Korean developer


South Korean game developer NCSoft has announced its new game, Project M, with the first trailer showing off some amazing visuals made with Unreal Engine 5.

According to a blog on the NCSoft website, Project M follows the story of a man who takes revenge for the death of a lover. Using NCSoft’s in-house technology, such as 3D scanning, motion capture, and visual effects, the game is rendered with photorealistic graphics.

With the unveiling of the Project M trailer, NCSoft aims to continue a culture of openness within research and development, dubbed “NCing”. Senior Development Management Officer Choi Moon-young said, “‘Ncing’ contains the will to disclose NCsoft’s game development process and communicate with users to create them. We plan to actively disclose the production process in various forms such as webtoons.”

Project M is presented as an interactive movie, similar to games made by Quantic Dream such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, or Supermassive’s Until Dawn and Dark Pictures Anthology.

The trailer depicts a variety of quick events that players can go through. It also shows two instances of the same scene side-by-side, one where the player succeeds in a quick event and one where they fail, leading to two different outcomes.

Although the platforms have not yet been revealed, the trailer shows button prompts with those of PlayStation, such as X, O and R2, indicating that it is at least released there.

NCSoft has worked on games such as the Lineage series and Guild Wars. Project M therefore looks like the studio’s most ambitious game to date.

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