Porter Robinson Announces First Single Since “Nurture” Featuring Star Guardian/League Of Legends


Porter Robinson released their second album, To feed, a little over a year ago. He’s been touring the album since, as well as launching a new project – Air2Earth – so you can tell he’s been pretty busy. But he has just announced his next single, “Everything Goes On”, in collaboration with Star Guardian and League of Legends.

By now most of you should have heard of League of Legends, but you wouldn’t mind missing the Star Guardian memo. Via the LoL Wiki:

Star Guardian is a series of parallel universe skins in League of Legends that follows the story of a group of high school students who choose to become cosmic protectors and must battle cosmic enemies threatening the universe. However, they consequently learn the angst and perils associated with their new roles.

Follow the pre-save the link here to automatically have the title in your library when it is released on Thursday!


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