Police arrest two after violent confrontation at Orchidland


Police arrested two people on Friday after one allegedly rammed two taxpayer-subsidized police vehicles in Puna.

Police said officers were conducting traffic control on Orchidland Drive around 10:20 a.m. when they spotted an unoccupied Honda sedan parked at Wiki Wiki Mart.

The Honda was spray painted black, had a broken windshield, no front license plate and an expired security check and weight tax, leading officers to suspect it had been stolen.

One officer parked in front of the Honda while a second parked in the rear of the vehicle next to a gas pump, police said.

Kade Kapika-Overturf, 23, reportedly ran out of the convenience store and jumped into the sedan and attempted to flee, pushing the vehicle forward and backward while revving the engine.

When officers ordered Kapika-Overturf to stop the vehicle, he stopped for a brief moment and then sped up, hitting the police vehicle in front of him, police said.

In an effort to defuse the situation and not use lethal force, the officer in the front of the vehicle used his baton to smash the front passenger window, police said. A second officer opened the rear driver’s side door in an attempt to arrest the suspect.

Kapika-Overturf then allegedly backed up, hitting the second officer with the driver’s side rear door open, throwing the officer backwards and hitting the front of the other police vehicle before coming to a complete stop.

The officer who was allegedly hit by the Honda entered the car and discovered a woman, Shayla Kamahele, 26, hiding in the rear passenger seat.

The officer who smashed the car window with the baton attempted to discharge his Taser at Kapika-Overturf, police said, but Kamahele ripped the Taser wires and the officer deployed the Taser again before d stop both Kapika-Overturf and Kamahele.

Police reportedly recovered 8.5 grams of methamphetamine and discovered that the vehicle identification numbers had been removed from the Honda. It is therefore not yet known whether the vehicle was stolen.

Kapika-Overturf was charged with a warrant of probation revocation, as well as two counts of second-degree criminal property damage.

Kamahele was charged with a contempt of court warrant and arrested on suspicion of obstructing the second degree prosecution.

Drug charges are also pending, police said.

The investigation is continuing and Kapika-Overturf and Kamahele were still in custody on Friday.


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