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Question: After the end of Mirror Stage, I thought “They rely on adversity because they are building something big”, but finishing the summer event story made me think it was the calm before the storm. Now that all the different factions have made their debut, will “the big one” finally appear in the next winter event? (It’s too much to bear, can we finally get XX to take a break from the story?)

Editorial team: Perhaps we have a slightly different understanding of what “a big one” is.

When we see something we cherish being destroyed, writing a revenge or some kind of reversal feels good, but it’s not the only option we have when it comes to telling the story.

Now that the plot of GFL has grown to its current state, we – who are creating the story with the players – would like to take everyone deeper into the world with us and experience how each character has been changed, feel their love and their hate, their joy and revenge or their indecision.

Using this creative thought process as a guideline and strictly controlling the pacing and development of the story instead of letting our emotions run free was a huge challenge for the writing theme. After all, Paradeus wasn’t built in a day, so we can’t give them a sloppy sendoff.


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