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Depending on the characters you meet and how you interact with them in Cyberpunk 2077, you might be able to find love in Night City. In this section of our romantic guide, we’ll explain where to meet and how to romance Panam.

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SPOILERS: This page contains light SPOILERS on main story and side work involving Panama Palmer. While the spoilers have been kept as vague as possible, be sure to proceed with caution.

Panama Romance Requirements

How to romance Panama

In order to romance Panam, you must trigger and complete specific objectives during his questline. Click or tap on the name of the side job for a full overview of the assignment.


Ghost town (main job)

  • During this quest, be sure to help him take out Nash’s gang.
  • Once you arrive at the Sunset Motel, ask her if she would like to share a room with you.
  • She will agree that this is a good idea since the bedrooms have two twin beds. Respond by telling her that’s not what you had in mind.

Love at first sight (main work)

  • Complete this quest to unlock the next stage in the questline. There are no romance options during this quest.

Life in Wartime (Main Job)

  • After saving Mitch, ask Panam to come with you to find Hellman.
  • Make sure to defend Panam in front of Saul at the end of the mission, and she will thank you for it.

Riders on the Storm (Side Job)


  • Wait for Panam to call you after 12 hours of play and agree to help them once more.
  • Choose to accompany him on the way to save Saul, instead of traveling alone.

To note: You must complete this mission before 24 hours of gameplay have elapsed, otherwise the quest will fail and you will lose the opportunity to romance Panam.

  • Once inside the house during the sandstorm, join Panam when talking to Saul.
  • Have him take off his shoes and relax after placing his legs on your knees.
  • Then choose the option for Touch the thigh of Panama (indicated by the hand symbol next to it). The second option, “You choose”. also works here.

With a little help from my friends (side work)

  • After another 12 hours of play, Panam will call you and mention that she is having trouble with Saul again. Meet her at Aldecaldo Camp once more to begin this mission.
  • Once at the locomotive control tower, you will have a conversation with Panam. Here she will reveal that she takes things slow because she doesn’t want to mess anything up between the two of you because she cares about you. Make sure you agree with her.
  • When you have the possibility, reassure her by selecting Touch panama hand (indicated by the hand icon).
  • When Saul text you on the phone asking where Panam is, reply “No idea” to make sure he is not aware of his plan.
  • Once you have joined the Nomads around the campfire, choose the option to Scooch closer in Panama and you will put your arm around her after telling her you are going to bed. This option will also have a hand icon next to it, so it’s hard to miss it.

Highway Queen (Side Job)


  • After completing the side work With a little help from my friends, you will receive the last quest. You have to leave the camp area and wait until the next day.
  • After waiting 24 hours of play, you will receive a call from Panama indicating that the Basilisk is ready. Return to the Aldecaldos camp and join Panam.
  • After reaching the Basilisk, the two of you will share a beautiful romantic ride inside an imposing war machine. What better way to bond
  • After completing the training, you will have the opportunity to to sychronize your bodies. Choose the option of Let Panama touch you and you will engage in a sexual relationship with Panama. This option has a lip kiss icon next to it.
  • As things get hot and heavy, you will be interrupted by a group of enemies. Once defeated, return to the camp and follow Panam. She will try to convince you to stay with her and the Aldecaldos. No matter what you say to him, you will pass out and wake up in the new Aldecaldos camp with Panam.
  • After a short chat outside with Saul and Mitch, follow Panam. She will tell you that she is ready to help in any way she can. Choose the Kiss Panama option once it’s available and she’ll tell you to keep in touch.

This stage concludes the romantic story of Panama and you will receive the Life on the Road achievement for completing it. You will also have another ‘house’ at Rocky Ridge at Aldecaldos Camp, complete with storage, mirror and bed.

After the final mission, Panam will occasionally text you to let you know he misses you and call you after the game ends during the end credits, indicating that you are still together.

There is also good end which involves Panama. To read about it, open the spoiler box below:

Romantic scene from Panama

The romantic scene with Panam takes place during the Queen of the Highway Side Job. After successfully assembling the Basil, you will go on a romantic ride together.

After completing the driving and shooting training sequences, Panam will board the vehicle with you, synchronizing both your body and mind.


Panama will ask you if you want to “try it?” »Be sure to answer with the first option – “Oh, yeah. Let’s go.” This is indicated by a kissing lip icon followed by [Let Panam touch you].

Once you select this option, you and Panam will engage in sex with each other.


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