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Future Press will publish two volumes of the Elden Ring Books of Knowledge, one beginning in late summer and the other in late fall.

Future Press recently unveiled its latest project, announcing pre-orders from the official Ring of Elden guides. Like previous Souls-like games from FromSoftware, Ring of Elden quickly became famous for its level of difficulty. The developer has taken many steps to balance Ring of Elden with patches, the most recent of which quietly nerfed some of the game’s bosses, but many aspects of the game are still difficult without the help of online walkthroughs.

Over the years, FromSoftware has earned a reputation for creating challenging games, including titles like dark souls, transmitted by blood, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The challenge in these games usually comes from the intentional lack of direction, forcing players to learn how to conquer games on their own, or from other players’ experiences through information sharing. On release Ring of Elden followed a similar design philosophy, becoming the best-selling Souls-like game to date. With such care, FromSoftware has offered in-game tweaks to its Souls-like formula, which makes Ring of Elden more accessible to a wider audience.


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The latest asset to help players on their journey as the Terni comes from future presswhich recently announced its two volumes Ring of Elden “Books of Knowledge”. The first volume serves as a comprehensive location guide for the Lands Between, with detailed maps of each location and information on important NPCs. The second volume focuses on the enemies encountered by the Terni and offers strategies best suited to each combat situation. Pre-orders are now live for the guides, although no official release date is currently scheduled for either book. The potential release window for the first book is currently set for late summer and the second near late fall.

Before this official guide, many fans compiled information about the Lands Between. Some examples include a Ring of Elden player who has developed an application to better track their notes or those who have contributed to the interactive map of the official wiki. These practices have become the norm for the Souls-like fan community over the years. While fan-created resources are invaluable for those stuck during gameplay, a lack of official details can sometimes lead to difficulties that will likely be circumvented by the release of the guides.

While Future Press has made guides for other FromSoftware titles such as dark souls and transmitted by blood, there will likely be some backlash from fans who think it goes against the developer’s design philosophy. However, these frustrations shouldn’t stop those who want to get hold of these guides from setting up pre-orders. One of the biggest advantages of Ring of Elden is the variety of ways players can complete challenges and explore the vast world. Although the guides are useful assets for the players, it is likely that many secrets will still be hidden, making each adventure in Ring of Elden exciting and fulfilling.

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