New GTA Online Deathmatch Modes Revealed After Weekly Update


With the latest weekly update, Rockstar has added significant improvements to Deathmatch mode in GTA Online. They also added deathmatch modes to showcase the types of game modes GTA Online players can now create.

It is one of two new additions to the game, the Community Series, a collection of races and adversary modes chosen by the fan community. This article will explore the former in more detail, including the new deathmatch modes Rockstar has created.

New Deathmatch Modes Added To GTA Online With Latest Weekly Update

The updated Deathmatch Creator can create new game types and modes by changing team balance, controlling starting health, and more. Check out some of these features in 6 new Deathmatches we posted today:

With several updates to the tool, GTA Online players can now use Deathmatch Creator to create a wide variety of new game types and modes. Players can now keep up with the new additions through an updated Deathmatch Tutorial Creator.

It offers possibilities for customization and modification of player inventory, team balancing, starting health, hiding player blips, movement speeds, and more. Players can also use new sets of modifiers to gradually reduce play areas while gaining health or other items if they kill an opponent.

New Deathmatch Modes in GTA Online

Rockstar has released six new Deathmatch modes with the latest weekly update to showcase these new tools. Each of these modes includes three in-game maps created with the Enhanced Creator. All these modes have been described below in more detail:

1) Big shot — Players will be given a single gun with a round to kill their opponents. They will receive a bullet upon killing an opponent, but they can also find Ammo Pickups scattered around the map. The first team to reach the target score wins.

2) Speed ​​kills — As in the previous game mode, the first team to achieve the target score wins. However, there is an ingenious catch to this. One of the teams will move quickly while carrying slow-firing weapons, while the other will move slowly while carrying faster-firing weapons.

3) Hot Swap — In this game mode, players have five minutes to score as much as possible while the weapon they are holding is constantly swapped out for another.

4) Dead head — In this game mode, accuracy is crucial as headshots will earn bonus points.

5) Sumo Crush — This is another version of the classic Sumo mode, in which the last player standing wins. Players must chase their rivals out of the area to earn points as it will eventually get smaller.

6) Friendly fire — This one is perhaps the most distinctive to date. Players must eliminate the opponent to get points and prevent them from destroying their team. However, the twist is that eliminating their teammates gives them a bonus. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the other team before they fade away.

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