New Elon Musk court filing accuses Twitter of fraud


In a court filing Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk accused Twitter of fraud. According to the CEO’s legal team, Twitter’s alleged decision to cover up security flaws in its data — as pointed out by whistleblower and former Twitter chief security officer Peiter “Mudge” Zatko — amounted to fraud and breach of contract by the social media company.

Zatko’s testimony before the US Congress was notable, with the security veteran saying the social media platform was at risk of being influenced by outsiders. The former security chief noted that some Twitter employees actually feared that the Chinese government could collect data on the platform’s users.

Musk’s recent filing amended his previously filed lawsuit against Twitter by adopting Zatko’s claims. The CEO’s legal team also alleged that Twitter covered up the fact that it was not complying with a 2011 agreement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding user data, according to a Reuters report.

“It goes without saying that the latest disclosures undeniably show that the Musk parties have every right to withdraw from the merger agreement – for many sufficient independent reasons,” Musk’s legal team wrote on the counter. -modified continuation.

Musk and Twitter are set to face off at trial in October. Musk asked a Delaware judge to find he was not obligated to buy the social media company at $54.20 a share, a deal estimated to be worth around $44 billion. Twitter, on the other hand, said the whistleblower says Musk added to his countersuit was not grounds to end his acquisition of the company.

Twitter largely dismissed the whistleblower complaint from its former security chief, noting that he conducted an internal investigation into Zatko’s concerns but concluded they lacked merit. The company also claimed Zatko was fired for substandard performance.

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New Elon Musk court filing accuses Twitter of fraud


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