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The Necromancer is a fan-favorite class throughout the Diablo franchise. If you’re a necromancer, you probably don’t fight alone and always have an army of skeletons behind you. On top of that, its themes and skill sets fit right in with the already chaotic, demon-infested world of Diablo.

In Diablo: Immortal, the Necromancer still has their class-defining skills like Summon Skeleton and Corpse Explosion, making them the same old class everyone knows and loves. This class is great for people who want to use a class that commands pets, but skeletons.


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Introducing the Necromancer

Necromancers are wizards who excel in black magic. They have power over death, so if you think the fight is over against a necromancer when you die, you’re in for a treat. They command armies of Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Mages, and even Reapers.

Not only that, but they can use their enemies’ corpses as a weapon by blasting them with a Corpse Blast. While using other spells to put a curse on their opponents or protect themselves and their teammates.

Chain Reaction Build, Legendary Gear, and Gems


The main actor for this skill build is Corpse Explosion with the Grim Scythe as an assisting actor. The full skill build would look a bit like this:

  • Fake disaster
  • Corpse Explosion
  • Command Skeleton
  • Lance Corpse / Wraith Form

In this skill, Corpse Lance is a flexible skill, which means you can swap it out for another skill you like. If you want to survive even longer, we highly recommend picking up Wraith Form as it allows you to be invincible for a short period of time and the skill is a great mobility option.

Legendary Chain Reaction Building Equipment

Since your bread and butter for this skill will be getting corpses and blowing them up, you want Clotburst to be there as it increases your corpse explosion damage as well as They Rest Everywhere to increase the range of the corpse explosion.

Equipment slot Last name Effect
Head eye coals Command Skeletons now detonates your Skeleton Champions at their destination, damaging all nearby enemies.
Chest They rest everywhere Corpse explosion radius increased
Arms lone curator Corpse Blast now inflicts a cold that can stack and freeze opponents.
Legs Any (depending on flex skill)
main hand clot burst Corpse explosion damage increased.
Hand free The claw Reduces cooldown when summoning Skeleton Champions
Other Suggestions
Legs Proximal fear Spectral Form now causes enemies you hit to run away in fear and damage them.
Legs Rozhin’s ardor Corpse Lance damage increased

Chain Reaction Build Legendary Gems

What makes this build shine is that even with just the lower star gems, it works flawlessly, making 5 star legendary gems an afterthought. You want to get Chained Death and Fervent Fang as one of your first gems.


legendary gem Effect
Zwenson’s Haunting When you defeat an enemy, summon a dark beast to attack nearby enemies, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This passive has a cooldown. Get a chance to summon a black dragon after using a skill against an enemy that causes loss of control at later ranks.
Seeping bile Your attacks can now poison enemies. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies. Cannot affect the same target more than once within a set time frame.
fervent fang Each time you damage an enemy, that enemy now takes bonus damage from your attacks. This liability has a cap. All damage you deal to elite monsters is increased at later ranks.
Pain of subjugation You deal increased damage to enemies with loss of control. Reduces all damage you take when you lose control of your character at later ranks.
Chained death Increases the damage you deal per target hit. This liability has a maximum cap.

General Skill Building, Legendary Gear, and Gems

This is the default build for most people, as the Necromancer is more commonly seen as Diablo’s pet class. This means they want to be able to have plenty of their minions while they stay away and watch them wreak havoc.

  • Command Skeleton
  • Skeleton Mage
  • Command Golem
  • Bone Armor/Spectral Form

For this skill, Bone Armor is a flexible skill that you can swap out for anything you want. We highly suggest Wraith Form due to the extra survivability and mobility it provides.

The Legendary General Construction Equipment

You especially want to get here all the parts that modify your summons and make them much more powerful. What’s nice about this skill build is that even without most of the legendary gear here, the build can function normally.


Equipment slot Last name Effect
Head Mirrorictus Your Skeleton Champions are replaced by Skeleton Archers
Chest Any
Arms Ziroco Skeleton Mage damage increased
Legs Proximal fear Spectral Form now causes enemies you hit to run away in fear and damage them.
main hand Desolatory Command Golem becomes Molten Golem which burns nearby enemies
Hand free Welcome End Skeleton Mage summons a Grim Reaper but has a longer cooldown

General Building Gems

When playing the general, the priority gem would be the follower’s burden, because you will mainly have a lot of summons and it can benefit you.

legendary gem Effect
echoing shadow Your attacks have a chance to summon a shadow clown that grants you abilities.
Blood Soaked Jade Increases your damage dealt and movement speed. The bonus damage this passive provides decreases as your HP decreases. At higher ranks, you take reduced damage below a certain percentage of health.
The Follower’s Burden Increases all damage you deal for each summon you control, this passive has a cap.
bloody reach Increases the damage you inflict based on the distance between you and the enemy. Has the ability to reduce enemy attack and movement speeds at back ranks.
freedom and devotion Increases the duration of your summon
Berserker’s Eye Increases the damage you deal but also increases the damage you take. Also increases your critical strike chance at later ranks.

Advice from the Necromancer’s Paragon Tree

Paragons are unlocked only after reaching the maximum level, 60. Each paragon tree has a set of bonus permanent attributes and specialization skills. Specialization skills only activate when the tree they are in is also activated. This means that you can only activate one set of specialization skills at a time. However, attribute bonuses from trees stack together so you can get additional attribute bonuses from other trees.

Again, just like other classes, you’re going to choose between Vanquisher or Survivor during the early stages of Paragon Levels. We recommend going with the Vanquisher to be more efficient at clearing mobs and dungeon content while having bonus survivability attributes from other paragon trees such as life and armor. The Soldier is also another great tree for the Necromancer as it usually stays behind and can be found near the back row damage dealers. Gladiator is here for a more PvP oriented style of play.

Since you have the option to reset your Paragon levels every week, we strongly encourage players to try out different Paragon tree builds to see what suits your playstyle.


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