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This MultiVersus Morty guide includes a list of all his moves and passives, tips, and Morty’s best perks.

Morty is one of the main characters in the popular mature cartoon, Rick & Morty. Traveling the multiverse with his grandfather Rick, Morty often gets caught up in horrific or confusing situations, relying on Rick’s scientific expertise or just plain bad luck to get by. What will he do now that he’s caught up in the multiverse with Superman, Shaggy and Jake The Dog? Only time will tell…


Morty Overview

Watch a video of Morty gameplay in MultiVersus below.

The description: Many people have close relationships with their grandparents. And then there’s…everything Morty has with his grandfather, Rick. Under Rick’s “supervision”, Morty was dragged around the universe. Whether through countless different timestreams, or in and out of different dimensions (mostly legally), he does his best to remain optimistic despite the overwhelming truths of reality.

Morty Character Type

Morty is a puncher (Horizontal)but also has access to Support Type Capabilities like Healing, sustaining and enhancing allied projectiles, recalling allies who are about to be eliminated, and creating platforms. He also has powerful ranged play with his ranged laser abilities, grenades, and earth pillar abilities. He is a well-balanced and strong character who works well in teams.


Morty Move List and Passive

Sci-Fi Explosive Tech: Many Morty attacks in MultiVersus use grenades. Grenades will explode shortly after being thrown. If Morty is riding an ally, he will give them an inactive grenade. Allies with inactive grenades receive gray health and will throw the grenade in their direction of the next attack. Cooldown applies to giving grenades to allies.

The control scheme used here is Legacy, which is the control scheme we recommend if you’re coming from Smash Bros. According to the control scheme, the list of movements changes minutely. If using the standard controls, neutral ground attack and side ground attack are reversed.

Move Ground Air
Neutral attack Oh my god, the snakes! (Neutral Ground)If Morty has an active grenade, he will fire a laser projectile at the grenade, causing it to explode on collision. Without an active grenade, Morty fires a snake summoning projectile forward. After a while, the projectile will split into two snake projectiles. One snake moves up while the other moves down. On cooldown, Morty will fire a laser projectile instead. Morty can then combine these attacks with a whip attack that hits at his top. Hitting an enemy will pull Morty towards them. Make room (neutral air) Same as ground.
side attack Unresolved anger issues (field side)Morty hits enemies with an Armothy punch combo, finishing by swinging a hammer Morty. Barbaric Instincts (air side) Morty delivers a combo of 2 ax swings, both of which can be charged.
Attack up Aw Geez, no more snakes (on the ground)Similar to normal-neutral, except Morty fires the snake summoning laser upwards, snake projectiles travel horizontally, and Morty cannot combo into the whip. Power of fire! (Up air)Morty uses the power of an elemental ring to knock enemies upward and set them on fire.
Down Attack Plumbus time! (Ground down)Morty begins running his plumbus across the ground, hitting enemies and moving freely. Hold the entrance to keep the lead out. The plumbus will cleanse allies and apply weakened to enemies. Armothy Assault (Low Air)Morty strikes down with Armothy.
Special Neutral It’s a pomegranate, I think (neutral ground)Morty throws a grenade projectile. Can throw multiple until ammo runs out. Yeah, it’s a grenade (neutral air)” Same as ground.
special side Power of the Earth! (ground side)Morty summons a pillar of earth from the ground in front of him. Morty can charge to increase the distance in front of which the pillar spawns. Hitting a grenade with a pillar will split it into two separate grenades. Another portal? (air side)Morty receives armor and peeks into a portal before jumping. Hold the entrance to aim where Morty will spawn after going through the portal. The portal Morty exits will remain, increasing the speed of allied projectiles passing through it. The cooldown applies, but only to the persistent exit portal.
Until special Uh, autopilot? (Grounding)Morty summons the spaceship as a platform that moves upwards. Cooldown applies. Uh, autopilot? (Up air)Same as ground.
Special down Time backup (grounding)Morty creates a save point at his position. After a while, Morty will return to the save point and heal himself and his allies slightly. Press enter again to immediately go back and leave a grenade at Morty’s position before the warp. If Morty’s ally is about to be returned while the save point is active, they will return to Morty instead. Cooldown applies. Time Save (Air Down)Same as ground.

Advanced tips

  • In MultiVersus, Morty is a mid-range character, but not in the way of some other characters like Bugs, Tom & Jerry. It does not deal with mid-range hard-hitting attacks. He needs that space to gain momentum though, but then he has to close the gap. Keep this in mind when coordinating with your teammates.
  • The lasers and laser snakes (can’t believe this is a real sentence) from Morty’s neutral attack on thrown grenades, so start encounters by throwing a grenade, then fire your neutral attack. You can also use Morty’s forward special after a grenade to split him in half, THEN fire the laser to hit both grenades.
  • You can aim Morty’s grenades by holding different directions while holding the grenade attack.
  • Morty’s grenades can be slow, but you can hit them with your other attacks to make them fly (it doesn’t have to be your laser attack). Use this to your advantage. Skilled Mortys will use it to shoot their opponents.
  • Passing through allies attaches a grenade to them, which will buff their next attack, provided it is performed within the next few seconds. It doesn’t take a grenade away from you, so stay close to your allies and keep them supplied with grenades!
  • Grenade hits ignore attack decay scaling, so be sure to attach a grenade to your ally if they fish for a killing blow on your enemies.

Best Benefits

Morty’s big thing in MultiVersus is projectiles and almost all of his abilities have cooldowns, so you’ll want to reduce those as much as possible and lean in to turn those projectile hits into more damage when picking Morty’s best perks .


  • Oh, It’s Still a Grenade: Morty’s grenades have an increased explosion radius based on how long they cook. Grenades thrown by Morty’s allies still have the maximum explosion radius. Grenades are the main thing you need to do with Morty, so upgrading that is always a good move.
  • Coffeezilla! : Your team has 10% (15% with Ally) reduced ability cooldown duration. With a ton of cooldowns, many of them on his main buttons, he’s a great choice for Morty.
  • Triple Jump: Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air. Always helpful. Always a good decision.
  • It’s flammable, Doc! : For 3 seconds after knocking an enemy back with a projectile, your team can melee that enemy to set them on fire for 1 second (2 seconds with Ally). Since a big part of Morty’s game plan is about projectiles, this is a great advantage for him and his allies.
  • Make It Rain, Dog: Your team gains 20% increased projectile speed (25% with Ally). Since a lot of his game plan revolves around projectiles, making them faster is nice.

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