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Pokemon Legends: The New Arceus Release. The 1.1.0 Daybreak update introduced a new phenomenon called Massive Mass Outbreaks. This guide covers how to unlock and trigger mass outbreaks in Pokemon Legends: Arceus with additional information and details on how they work and how they differ from normal mass outbreaks.


How to Get Massive Mass Outbreaks

Massive Mass Outbreaks were introduced to Pokemon Legends: Arceus with the Daybreak Update on February 28, 2022. However, you need to do more than just update your game in order to start triggering Massive Mass Outbreaks. Here’s how to unlock Massive Mass Outbreaks, step by step:

  1. Update Pokemon Legends: Arceus to Ver.1.1.0 Daybreak Update. See How to update Legends: Arceus to Daybreak.
  2. Complete the main quest The counterpartwhich triggers the credits.
  3. Go to the Obsidian Fieldlands Heights camp and talk to Mai – she should have a request symbol.
  4. This will launch Request 95 – A New Anomaly. Complete it.
  5. Proceed to Request 97, Massive Mass Outbreak in the Mirelands, to unlock the ability to view Pokemon that will appear in Massive Mass Outbreaks.
  6. Complete the Request questline with Mai through Request 102, Daybreak, to fully unlock Massive Mass Outbreaks.

How to Fulfill Massive Epidemic Massive Requests

The 95-101 request series with Mai will task you with investigating three outbreaks in each area and teach you skills about them along the way. Here are a few tips:

  1. In order to complete an investigation, you must completely eliminate a Pokémon outbreak. For example, if you encounter a Massive Mass Outbreak spot with Luxio, you must catch or defeat them all for it to count. If Pokémon are prone to running away, like Abra, that also counts as clearing it. You are looking for the message “Reported Pokémon seem to have disappeared…”
  2. Eliminating a new horde that forms in the same location of an outbreak you just eliminated will not count towards the request.
  3. If the storm subsides and the massive mass outbreak subsides, cycle back and forth between Jubilife Village and the area until a new one forms to continue the request.
    – However, if the massive mass outbreak disappears while you are investigating an outbreak, those particular Pokémon will remain. Eliminate them, and it will still count, even if the storm had dispersed!
  4. Smoke Bombs and Sticky Globs are your friends.

You must purchase the Sticky Glob crafting recipe from the crafting station in Jubilife Village.

5. Catching all Pokemon is much faster than defeating them. Take advantage of Demand rewards and craft Ultra Balls.

Massive mass outbreaks explained

Massive massive epidemics are an iteration of the usual massive epidemics. Instead of just one specific Pokémon amassed, multiple hordes on a map will all spawn at once.

However, these outbreaks only last for a limited time. as long as the storm (or blizzard, in the alabaster Icelands) persists. You won’t be able to visit every location until the time runs out, so look at the map and pick the ones you want to see. Massive Mass Outbreaks are a great way to catch and complete Pokedex Research Tasks for rare Pokémon.

Occasionally, after eliminating a Horde, a new Horde will form which is the next stage of evolution for that Pokémon. It can happen with any massive mass outbreak.

How to spawn massive mass outbreaks


Once you’ve fully unlocked Massive Mass Outbreaks, which is detailed at the start of this page, they become somewhat random but are related to the weather. It is the fastest of getting around to and from Jubilife Village until one appears. The guard will tell you if there is one. Look for the blue question mark icon on the map to signal that there is a massive mass outbreak.

Once the storm is over, so will the Massive Mass Outbreak.

How to Reveal Massive Mass Outbreak Map

If you request 97, you’ll unlock the ability to see which Pokémon are in each mass outbreak on the map. After traveling the map with the Mass Mass Outbreak, talk to Mai and give Munchlax 5 Aguav Berries. This will reveal all Pokemon and Special Icons available in Massive Mass Outbreak.

What do the Shiny/Star icon and Berry icon mean?

  • The shiny border of a Pokémon icon accompanied by a 4 dot Star icon (seen on the Pachirisu above) means this is a “special” mass outbreak. The exact details are unclear, but we believe this indicates that a second horde of Alpha Pokémon may appear if you clear it, or that an evolution of that Pokémon is already present. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Shiny Pokemon
  • the Berry icon (seen on the Swinub above) indicates that Pokemon carry Aguav Berries there. Catch or defeat them to earn some and use them to feed Munchlax to reveal the Massive Mass Outbreak cards.

Which Pokémon appear during massive mass outbreaks?

  • Different Pokémon for each region will appear.
  • Some might be local Pokemon, but sometimes you’ll see Pokemon that aren’t native to the region, like Hisuian Zorua in the Obsidian Fields.
  • Some Pokémon that usually must be obtained by evolution may appear in a massive mass outbreak or form after clearing an outbreak from its previous evolution. For example, after eliminating an outbreak of Scythers, Kleavor began breeding in their place.
  • Pokémon exclusive to space-time warps can also appear in massive mass outbreaks. This includes starter Pokemon
  • If you have found All Unown locations, Unown may appear.
  • If you’ve found all of the Wisps and completed the Strange Spawns in the Night, Spiritomb may spawn.

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