Marvel released new posters for Spider-Man: Freshman Year


Marvel Studios has released new posters for Spider-Man Freshman Year at the San Diego Comic-Con animation panel.

Even though Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU first appeared in the movie Captain America: Civil War, we’ve yet to see his origin story.

They have also confirmed season two of this anime series however, some posters have caused confusion among the fans.

Peter Parker

Previously, when they announced this project on Disney+ Day last year, it was marketed as canon to the MCU.

Given the new posters, this series may be set in a different universe rather than the main MCU timeline.

So this Spider-Man Freshman Year animated series will not make an impact in the Marvel 616 universe.

Spider-Man freshman year

We already know that Tom Holland does not give voice to Peter Parker in this Freshman Year animated series.

But another dubber can give his voice for this series because it will take place in a different universe.

Peter and his friends

This poster reveals Peter Parker’s friends from the animated series, which includes specific characters like Harry Osborn, Amadeus Cho, and Nico Minuro from the TV show Runaways.


We also see Spider-Man’s homemade costume on the show, which is different from the MCU’s homemade costume.

Spider Man Suits

However, they also confirmed that Peter Parker will get multiple suits in the Spider-Man Freshman Year series.

Bad guys

And we have a bunch of villains in this series which includes Doctor Octopus, Scorpion, Rhino and Chameleon.

Norman Osborn

Here in this poster, we see the MCU version of Norman Osborn mentoring Peter Parker instead of Tony Stark.


We also have Daredevil to appear in the animated series at some point, Charlie Cox himself gave voice to the Daredevil character.

The Spider-Man Freshman Year series is slated for release in 2023, but it’s coming in 2024.

And the second season of the series is officially named Sophomore Year which is already underway.

While the series isn’t canon for the MCU, we can see Marvel’s version of Spider-Man’s origin story.


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