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This page is part of the IGN Phasmophobia Wiki Guide and will detail everything you need to know about the new medium card, the Maple Lodge campsite, as well as several tips and tricks that will help you navigate the map to your advantage.

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Maple Lodge campsite Overview

Maple Lodge Campground is the new Phasmophobia map, introduced as part of the Halloween 2021 update. It is the only map introduced so far that is playable outdoors.

It’s a mid-sized campground that features multiple tents, string lights that span the entire campground, a large illuminated campfire, restrooms, a two-story abandoned cabin, and a lake.

Maple Lodge Campground Map

Take a top-to-bottom view of the Maple Lodge Campground map below.


Maple Lodge camping tips and tricks

  • If the power to the campground is cut, be sure to carry a lighter or candle to use the fire pit and get the light you badly need.
  • Closing a tent can be tricky at first. Make sure to click and slide the tent flap diagonally to close it.
  • This card also includes a two-story cabin. You can find the key to enter under the carpet in front of the cabin entrance door.
  • If you’re looking for fingerprints, be sure to check the walls inside the tents themselves, as well as the ceiling lights on the white tents and the switches that operate the string lights.
  • Venture into the cabin and look under the steps for a fun surprise. If you were killed by the ghost while on a hunt, be sure to visit this area again.
  • Head to the lake and walk to the end of the pier for an Easter Egg: floating in the lake is Jason Voorheen’s mask.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: if you look at the road to the left as soon as you step out of the van, you may be able to spot Slenderman standing there… menacingly.

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