Map for Notable People: Designer brings online feature to locate where prominent people are from


An online, interactive map now offers the world the ability to locate the origins or birthplaces of notable people and well-known personalities, and it’s available to everyone via GitHub. He brings several names to the list, with the map’s creator and developer mentioning names like singer queen Freddie Mercury of Zanzibar, Tanzania, and Barack Obama of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Map of Notable People: Developer Creates Interactive Database for Everyone

(Photo: Topi Tjukanov)
An interactive map for all celebrities around the world, highlighting known names of different places including Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Marco Polo, Freddie Mercury, Barack Obama, and more.

Geographer and developer of Mapbox, Topi Tjoukanovsaid he created a new map called “Notable peoplewhich is now available online to provide information to all users. It brings an interactive 3D globe that has the entire world available, and instead of featuring capital cities sticking out of places, it brings names of famous personalities.

The new online feature is available to many, and although it does not have a specific browsing function, it is still important in finding your favorite personality or famous person.

Anyone can access the map and it will help locate the birthplace and origins of a certain personality from any part of the globe, with many known names available.

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More famous people have bigger names on the map

The information about the personalities found through the map comes from Wikipedia and Wikidata through a study that collected information about these people. The study published via Nature focused on various known names from 3500 BC to 2018 AD.

More famous personalities have bigger names on the map, and zooming in would feature others with lower rankings based on the study.

The card and its modern development for everyone

Getting lost now isn’t much of a problem as long as there’s an internet connection via mobile data or WiFi, and the device has enough charge to help navigate a certain location. One of the latest updates to Google Maps brings a realistic 3D view of tourist spots around the world, available through the app for all users.

Real-time data is also available to everyone through the Maps app on different platforms and provides information about many places and locations that a user needs. There are several efforts to create a COVID-19 map during the first outbreak of the virus and it gives information to many about places with mass cases.

Specialty and novelty maps bring different functions for everyone, and this includes the “Notable People” map which is available on a GitHub platform from a geographer. The data comes from a major study of well-known personalities, and users can click on the interactive map and locate the birthplaces of famous people around the world.

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