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Peter F. Levine

Thanks to the miracle of the interweb, Jimmy Walker (of the Edgeworth Walker’s) posted this wonderful memory from the Malden days of yesteryear. Take it away Jimmy: “Let me introduce you to this throwback to the late 1930s for a family Christmas Forgione on Avon St. Forgione’s Market was opened in the 1920s on Medford St by the great-grandfather of Jimmy (and Joe) Joseph Forgione Sr, he was finally his kids who ran him until the mid 80’s. Jimmy explained: “It was a great family that I was a part of when I was growing up, they took care of me. are all missing. I think the wreath on the tree could be seen from the moon, lol. ” Thank you my friend and merry Christmas to you and yours.

It is said in Malden Musings …..

• The Duggan are one of the most famous families in Malden. Long-time Maldonians, loved by many. They lost Geno recently and I am very saddened to hear that. I didn’t know Geno well but from all the testimonials I heard he was a wonderful person. A proud family man and decorated Vietnam conflict veteran Geno was living on Marco Island in Florida when he died. To know a Duggan is to love a Duggan. Each. My deepest condolences to the family.

• “Just the facts ma’am ….” 1997 The National League at Bruce Field in Devir Park dedicated its all-new scorecard with Mayor Richie “Ace” Howard throwing the first pitch and League President Jimmy “Stinger “Cahill beaming proudly. The first hitter to go to plate with state-of-the-art equipment looming into right field was then 12-year-old City of Malden Parking Supervisor Ernie Ardolino des Braves. He says he hit a moonlight off Mr. Adorn’s house on Malden St, but THIS statement cannot be verified.

• We no longer have Exchange Street to have fun with Maldonians. Looks like this is the last time I have the chance to write on this street after the recent final (hopefully) makeover. I agree with Steve Freker, another Malden Advocate contributor, Exchange Street is one of the smoothest rides in Malden, at the moment. A travel nightmare for a long time, it has been dug up and reassembled more times in the past two years than I want to recount. So get on your 10 speed and enjoy Malden’s newest and widest cycle path, Exchange Street.

• The Urbaczewski family owns the Dockside. The Urbaczewski family never fails to gain strength. The Urbaczewski family are lies. Thanks to the Urbaczewski family!

• I had a blast at the Winter Festival on December 4th in the Square. Le Duff did another great job, as usual. I stopped by The Gallery @ 57 and bought some awesome flavored Christmas presents in Malden. They have some really cool original pottery, hand knitted items, jewelry, accessories, prints, paintings, photographs, cards, soaps, and other decorative items that you won’t find at the mall. Buy local. You will like it!!

• Reading the schedule for the 34th Annual Golden Tornado Club Hall of Fame Banquet, I did a double take when I noticed that the schedule indicated that Lester Morovitz had passed away. Lester is alive and well. I was also stunned that I couldn’t find Buddy Arthur’s name among his Hall of Fame colleagues. I believe Buddy was among the first group of athletes to be inducted. I also noticed that Dom Fermano was not in the house. I’m sure everything will be settled by 2023. Splendid work all around, by the way, that night by the leaders of the Golden Tornado Club (Katie Bowdridge, Frek, Jeanne Marquardo and Peter Carroll) and the board of directors . There is still the banquet buzz three weeks later!

Who knew !? If your to-do list includes visiting every town named Malden in this great, big, beautiful country, here’s a short tutorial:

• Malden, Illinois is a village in Bureau County. Population 343 within 0.27 square miles. We at Malden Ma have 343 living on Pine Street only! Oh yes !

• Malden, Indiana is an unincorporated community in Morgan Township, Porter County. “Platted” in 1909, Malden IN has a “bar”, the newspaper “Malden Oasis” and the New Hope Missionary Church. It’s called Malden Ma, but it’s eluding me right now.

• Malden Missouri was formed in 1877 and is located in the northeast corner of Dunklin County. Population 4,277 over 8.32 square miles. Named after Col. TH Mauldin or perhaps “a transfer” from our own Malden, MA.

• Malden, New York, or Malden-on-Hudson as it is commonly known, is a hamlet in Ulster County with a population of 405 within a radius of 0.50 square miles.

• Malden, Washington is a city in Whitman County, in eastern Washington State. Population 203 within a 0.66 square mile radius and if you recall 80% of buildings in Malden, WA were destroyed in 2020 by wildfires.

• Malden, West Virginia, originally named Kanawha Salines, is an unincorporated community in Kanawha County. According to their Wiki page, the current name was “most likely derived from Malden, MA”. Most famous citizen; Booker T. Washington!

Massachusetts residents will get these:

• 20 degrees, it’s downright mild as long as there’s no wind … so it’s very cold.

• You were very sad saying goodbye to Boston Garden.

• Thanksgiving means family, turkey, high school football, and the long version of Alice’s Restaurant.

• You know the guy who founded the Boston Pops was called Athah Feedlah.

• You know what the combat zone is.

• You actually drive 45 minutes to New Hampshire to save $ 5 in sales tax.

• You exited a side street and used your car to block oncoming traffic so you can turn left.

• You bragged about the money you saved at the Christmas Tree Shop.

• You went to Hampton Beach on a Saturday night.

• Playing street hockey was a daily ritual after school.

• Hearing an old lady shout ‘Numbah 96 for Sioux City’ means it’s time for a steak.

• You know more than one person with the last name of Murphy.

Ten more “Musings” from the inimitable quill pen of the late John “Father of Ellen” O’Brien whose wit and wisdom have endeared him to generations of MHS students, Maldonians and Malden professors. High School – as well as the inspiration for the name of this column. Here are a few more jokes from his iconic “Musings” columns from a 1980 “Malden Sun-Times”:

“If you catch poison ivy on old MacDonald’s farm, go after Mac.” “

“Let’s pretend we’re parallel lines and never meet again.”

“Without my joie de vivre, I lost my raison d’être, if you forgive me my French.”

“When I gave her a camel, she was happy as a lark.”

“Michelob the boat ashore.”

“Square is a guy who thinks ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ is Rin Tin Tin’s biography.”

“Eucalyptus, I’ll call Marie.”

“It’s time to go to bed and it’s not a bunk.”

“Don’t let a digital computer hit you.”

“My friends call me WMEX because I talk everything.”

As Peter Falk’s iconic TV character would say, “Columbo,” “Just one more thing, sir” – The Christmas season is upon us again. Who remembers Christmas shopping in Malden Square? Jordan Marsh, Slack Shack, Bakers Clothing, Malden Jewelry, Roli Music and Malden Music Center on Irving Street, Sound on Sound (Main Street), Pandora’s Box, Casual Scene, Sparks, Woolworths, Lady Grace, Gilchrist, Lerner’s, Tom McCann, Moe’s Smoke Shop, Converse Smoke Shop, Headlines, Jordan Marsh, Malden Army & Navy, Jerry’s Army & Navy, Kotzen’s, Woolworth’s, Boston Leader, Spark’s, Chisholm’s Sporting Goods on Exchange, Hanlon’s Shoes, Liggett’s? If you do, consider yourself lucky. It was the time my friends! Not soon to be reproduced. Not soon forgotten. But the generation that remembers buying blueberry muffins from Jordan Marsh, shoes from Louie Klanes, school clothes from Sparks or rolling papers from Headlines? You are old! Really old. I am kidding! We may be old, but we grew up with the best music ever recorded, the best pizza in the Highland and the best seafood in King Neptune! Plus, we had the best places to celebrate the holiday season right here in Malden Square! Experience the holiday cheer at Do Re Lounge, Jack Haney’s, Center Bar & Grille (later Richard’s Pub), Horseshoe Bar & Grille, West End Bar & Grille, Charlie Browne’s and Auld New Lounge. Memories that will keep us young and stay with us forever! Those who have not abused Schlitz and Old Thompson! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and Happy New Year everyone!


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