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Basic Lighting Design Studio – Make your hotel attractive with luxury lighting design

Hotels should offer some kind of extravagance and comfort to guests. Make your business more eye-catching with these luxury lighting design tips.

Some people visit hotels for business purposes, while others do so to experience a different way of life for a day or two. By combining service, design and ambiance, you can deliver an unforgettable customer experience. The latter two can be upgraded with deluxe lighting fixtures.

The three main types of lighting apply perfectly in the setting of the hotel. But the choice of design, tone and intensity will vary depending on the brand you want to highlight.

Ambient lighting

Hotels can exhibit luxury through architecture, design and ambience. The latter is largely influenced by the way you place your luxury fixtures both outside and inside the establishment. Using different styles such as chandeliers, sconces, track lights and concealed fixtures will add variety and character to your hotel. Today it is quite common to see chandeliers hanging in hotel lobbies, dining rooms and executive class suites.

task lighting

As the name suggests, luxury fixtures in this category are designed to allow people to perform specific tasks. Whether it’s cooking, reading, or eating, using a well-designed task light will make everyone’s job easier.

Accent lighting

Luxury lighting fixtures in this category are used to highlight an area of ​​interest in the room. As a general rule, they should be 3 times brighter than ambient lighting to create a dramatic effect.

Give style to your hotel

Different areas of the hotel will require distinct lighting designs to accomplish specific functions.

1. Reception

The reception is the front door to your hotel and it’s your best chance to follow up after the good impression you’ve made with your luxury outdoor lighting. The front desk should have an efficient work light to support a quality working environment. It should provide sufficient lighting for comfortable face-to-face interactions.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio – Reception

2. Lobby

The lobby has become a common space where visitors can gather for personal and business purposes. Hotels should allow natural light to enter the area. Not only does this save on energy consumption, but it also promotes productivity by activating the visitors’ circadian rhythm. During the day, the seating area should present a welcoming and warm atmosphere. At night, luxury lighting and decor should take center stage and highlight the beauty of the architecture and the overall design of the space.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio – A Well-Lit Lobby

3 rooms

Guests must have full control of their room lighting. Controllers should be easy to navigate and should meet customer needs.

Prestigious hotels now offer mobile padlocks, where guests can use their mobile phone to check in without having to go through reception. Their phones can also be used to automatically adjust the temperature, brightness and color of luxury fixtures in their room based on their previous preferences.

Baseline Lighting Design Studio – Hotel room with different types of lighting

4. Dining room

The hotel restaurant is one of the most difficult places to choose the right lighting and luxury furniture. The dining room performs different functions throughout the day, hence the need for special lighting fixtures to provide different levels of illumination for specific purposes.

The brightness of the luxury lights must be maximum during breakfast. As night approaches, the lighting in the dining room should be dimmed to promote intimacy and confidentiality.

Luxury lighting and furniture choices should offer both functionality and aesthetics. Branding, target market, and location are other important factors to consider when designing hotel lighting.

High-end lighting consultants like Baseline Lighting Design Studio knows what to do to make your establishment stand out from the competition. Our expertise in luxury lighting design can make your hotel look more prestigious, luxurious and comfortable.

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