Lost Ark Oblivion Isle – How To Find, Quests, Mokoko Seeds & More


One of the most extensive systems in Lost Ark is the sail. Islands like Oblivion Isle offer some of the most rewarding experiences to explore in the entire game.

With a tough boss fight and some great rewards, Oblivion Isle shouldn’t be skipped.

Like many other islands, Oblivion Isle is an adventure and event-only island, meaning you can only access it for a certain amount of time each day or week. It doesn’t have a typical questline like the other islands, but instead is home to the boss Sea God Apraos.

Defeating the boss, however, takes a bit of preparation and knowledge. But the effort is definitely worth it due to the nice rewards the boss can drop.

Before you begin, make sure you are ready to embark on the seas of Arkesia. If you haven’t unlocked the ability to navigate yet, don’t worry, you can learn how to do that here.

Are you passionate about the concept of sailing, but aren’t there yet? Here’s how you can level up quickly so you can start exploring the islands as soon as possible.

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How to find the Isle of Oblivion in Lost Ark

The Isle of Oblivion is located northeast of the Arthetine region, more precisely inside the small peninsula.

Lost Ark Island of Oblivion location

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As mentioned earlier, Oblivion Isle is an event island and only appears during certain times. The best way to know when it’s going to spawn or if it’s active right now is to check your Prochyon’s compass.

Under the adventure island notification information, you can see if the island is available for you or not.
Additionally, you can check your alerts to see if the island will appear soon.

Please note that the Isle of Oblivion is surrounded by the waters of the Storm. To best prepare for your trip, we highly recommend our detailed ship upgrade and dangerous waters guide.

Speaking of treacherous waters, have you ever fought the ghost ship’s nightmarish raid?

Isle of Oblivion loot and bosses

The island is quite simple. There’s no questline for it, but you’ll find the fierce sea god Aporas there. The Sea God is invincible at first, and to defeat him you’ll need to destroy the three Aporas Trees that spawn around him.

After that, the fight is pretty straightforward, as it works the same as most other mid-level bosses in the game.

After defeating Aporas, there is a chance that you will receive one or more of the following items:

  • Isle of Oblivion Token
  • Secret Map to Adventure: Eye of the Dead
  • Aporas card (rare)
Lost Ark Oblivion Island Expedition

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The island token is useful for adding to your token collection. Island Tokens reward the player in increments of five after completing certain challenges on each island. In this case, defeat the sea god Aporas.

The secret adventure map is just a map that will take you to a certain place on the sea. Upon reaching it, you will receive treasure.

The Aporas card can be used to enhance your card game. To better understand your cards and how to optimize them in a deck, check out our in-depth guide to the card system in Lost Ark.
Also, do yourself a favor and learn how to get Amethyst Shards in the most efficient way.

For more specific information on all the islands in Lost Ark, see the The Lost Ark Wiki.

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Oblivion Isle Mokoko Seed Locations

The Isle of Oblivion is very rich in Mokoko Seeds. You can find five Mokoko Seeds, two of which become available by killing the island boss:

Lost Ark Oblivion Island Mokoko Seed Location

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For Seeds 1, 2, and 3, just head to the locations and you can easily spot them as there is nothing blocking your path to the seeds.

However, seeds 4 and 5 require you to break a rock to enter their chamber, which can only be done after defeating the island boss.

There is plenty to see and do on the seas of Arkesia. Be sure to check out our other island guides here:

Sailing is just one of many endgame systems in Lost Ark. If exploring islands isn’t your thing, check out some of the other progression options present in the game like Knowledge Transfer or Engravings.

Each system plays its part in smooth player progression, but nothing compares to the experience of playing with your guild. Learn all about guilds here.


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