Liz Cheney Is The Chris Christie Of 2024 Except She’s Trying To Excise White Christian Supremacy

The German Christians (German: Deutsche Christen) were a pressure group and movement within the German Evangelical Church that existed between 1932 and 1945, aligned with the anti-Semitic, racist and Führerprinzip ideological tenets of Nazism with the aim of aligning German Protestantism as a whole towards these principles.

Just as Chris Christie desperately tried to pull the GOP off the cliffs of madness and salvage their attempt to moderate and politically dominate the coveted suburbs, Liz Cheney now steps into her role as next in line for trying to stop the Republican Party’s runaway train from falling off the tracks.

She has the ambition and the nerve to take on the Trump/DeSantis white nationalism complex and try to pull the GOP off the edge of outright fascism and the End Game Express freight train to burn the Constitution and replace it. by a white supremacist Christian. Theocracy.

Her task is even more daunting than Christie before her as the rare popular governor of the purple state, but she is so far one of the most well-known Republican figures and probably the first in the “moderate” path. for 2024 in an ultra meta offer to maintain the Corporate fascism status quo while excise white supremacy cancer.

Say what you want about George Bush and Dick Cheney but their corporate version of fascism just wants to exploit others in a multicultural society while the now dominant far right fascism wants to destroy them and establish a society white christian in direct opposition to the intentions of our Founders.

Cheney represents the tattered remnants of a party that once embraced the Church and subtle racist dog whistles gain political power with the aim of enrich the rich among us and is the leader of a dying band of traditional conservatives who have now been brought to their knees with the Fascist Right pointing an AR-15 at the back of their heads.

As the Republican Party fights for the fate of its own soul, they have already started trying to rebrand the Democrats from Socialist (which didn’t work as well as they had hoped) to Fascist to begin the stream of confusion they so cleverly plant in the minds of the media and their followers to disguise their true intentions.

Some may still consider assimilating Christian Nationalism with white supremacy like an incendiary association, but the one thing they can never completely erase from history, although they clearly tried, is the Foundation of Christian nationalism which ruled Germany embark on the most ambitious quest in modern history to eradicate as many other human beings as possible.

What do you think of when you think of Nazis right now?

Amoral, ungodly heathen who were just wicked. And they casually conceal the full truth of the Christian religious motivations behind this evil in order to allow American schoolchildren to believe that this World War II was fought by evil white people who persecuted other unlucky white people because of their religion.

The “Jewish” religion is intentionally confused here with the “Jewish” ethnicity that Hitler mainly tried to eradicate to portray this as persecution by an evil nation against religious people rather than clarifying the full picture, which looks horribly wrong to supporters of Christian nationalism.

That it was ethnic cleansing. A racist genocide. The ambition of a white Christian nation to cleanse Europe of undesirables as they have done for thousands of years in countless religious wars before.

Does it still seem inflammatory, or does it look more like a straight, clear line between the pinnacle of Nazi Christian nationalism and the modern Republican Party held hostage from within.

You may still be thinking that there is no way world history has been so thoroughly scrubbed by Christians in America that it renders entire generations completely unaware of the long-planned rise of American fascism by the oil, coal, gas, banking, sugar and food corporatists and the rich. Elite who have generational ties to a plotted assassination of FDR and can easily linked to right-wing fascist propaganda campaigns which spawned the hatred necessary to anger people enough to assassinate the leaders of an alternative path away from white Christian nationalism, JFK and MLK. I’ll dodge the plot angle for now, but you can start to see the high incentives around eliminating this particular political opposition at this particular time.

You know those little words in our oath of allegiance and on our money, “One nation under God” and “In God we trust”? The phrases conservatives point to to validate their claims that our founders intended America to be a Christian nation?

They were added in 1954 and 1955 respectively by the white Christian nationalists of their day who led the far-right radical movement to destroy the Constitution and reshape America in their Christian nationalist image.

Still skeptical of incendiary rhetoric? Or is it simply to stand up to fascism before it has a chance to gain ultimate power, just as many in Germany tried to stop the rise of Hitler and fascism?

At this point, I’ve definitely got you thinking, but here’s one last gem to juggle in your Christian Washed American brain.

Nazi SS, Hitler’s most elite and brutal officers who were rarely spared for their day in court as they reclaimed karma from their unique brutality.

This highly elite and expansive force of officers was chosen from among only the most evangelical Christians (there are better sources than Wiki, but it’s hard to dig and it goes quite far) who were selected this way to take advantage of their religiously indoctrinated “absolute obedience” for war. Non-evangelicals, non-whites, those of Jewish descent, and atheists were not allowed to enter the SS.

Himmler used the Jesuits as a model for the SS, as he found they had the essential elements of absolute obedience and organizational worship…All SS men had to declare themselves Protestant, Catholic or gottgläubig (“Believing in God”).”

In the end, you could argue all you want that the Nazis “weren’t real Christians” and that Hitler actually persecuted a number of mostly Catholic and pacifist Protestant German religious leaders, but what is clear is that Hitler co-opted for the wider Christian religion in Germany and successfully aligned it in full force behind their Nazi White Christian Nationalist movement.

With that, let’s play a game, is that a quote from Hitler or a modern day Republican?

”TDo not tolerate anyone in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact, our movement is Christian. Today, Christians are at the head of [Germany?/America?]. I promise that I will never tie myself to parties that want to destroy Christianity. We want to refill our culture with the Christian spirit. We want burn all recent immoral developments in literaturein the theater and in the press. In short, we want to burn the poison of immorality that has entered our whole life and our culture, as a result of liberal excesses.
*Emphasis mine, and yes, it was Hitler.

Much like Hitler, Trump (who you now know repeatedly praised the Nazis, idolized Hitler, and kept a copy of Mein Kampf by his bed for many years) and “Trump 2.0” DeSantis, never been particularly devout men themselves, but the willingness to co-opt the larger religion of Christianity for Christian nationalist ambitions is almost indistinguishable.

So folks pull out that popcorn and see if the happy Christian Nationalist Supreme Court trigger single-handedly saved the true soul of America’s founding. One based on the idea that you could perfect a nation over time to bring equality to all regardless of differences, especially regarding religious beliefs, the prevailing societal division of their time, and involving an embrace of multicultural society and non-religious government. This radical idea of ​​democracy as the engine of equality naturally honed into equally inclusive of all women, ethnicities, new citizens, LGBTQ and people with disabilities.

It is precisely because of this equality and the creation of a multicultural society that white supremacists feel attacked and threatened.

Can’t everyone in a position of power be an old white Christian man? It must be oppression! They are not interested in making concessions to those who do not fit well into their authoritarian white Christian nationalist cult ordained and commanded by God Himself.

The suppression of the still openly powerful white Christian nationalist oppression against the rest of non-Christian and non-white nationalist America is certainly not persecution. But it makes them feel like it is.

Will Liz Cheney defeat the Trump/DeSantis white nationalism complex and stop the Republican Party from embracing Christian nationalist fascism?

It seems highly unlikely, but through her efforts, she could pull off a big enough chunk of it that Joe Biden is assured of a second term where she can more easily launch her real bid to become America’s first female president in 2028 in a radically changed political landscape. where at least white supremacy, if not all of Christian nationalism, is seen as electorally toxic (actually quite unlikely at this point) and the Democrats have exhausted their two terms and are pursuing that very elusive third Democratic Party term in a row .

Sacrificing countless young American girls due to complications from rape and incest seems to have been a step too far towards their fascist Christian utopia for most Americans and may well usher in a new golden age of progressivism. as the political pendulum begins to swing back from the far-right edge.

Let the comments flow, would love to see this pot stir more.



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