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Here are some questions some listeners asked Phantasma and guests! Tune in to the sequel Living with Phantasma on the official Touhou LostWord Discord server to possibly post your question here. Please note that future content questions regarding story, characters, etc., will not be answered.

Legend (listed in alphabetical order):

  • D: Delta
  • E: EcoMaster21
  • K: Kilgamayan
  • M: Minzhire
  • N: Nekomaki
  • P: Fantasy
  • S: Shadorai

Q: Will there be more articles on GamePress regarding the story?
A(S): Hello, my name is Shadorai and I co-wrote the Toyohime/Yorihime tradition article with Neku. I’m glad you liked it. There will be more things like this in the future. Please look forward to it.

Q: Will there be repeats of the EX stages?
A (E): Yes, EX levels — Fire, Moon — will return.
A(N): I think Moon EX should come back next month?
A (P): Ah, yeah, they’ll come back quite often.

Q: Will EX stages be added to the JP version of the game?
A (P): I don’t answer for the JP team, unfortunately.

Q: How is everyone? [on the livestage] do on the Fire EX stage? Has anyone ever received a card?
A (D): I received a drop.
A(M): What was the question? (later) Got two and traded one.
A(N): I still need help with farming 🙁

Q: Will Byakuren have a revival with its Fantasy Rebirth?
A (P): Probably.

Q: Will there be a Sun EX stage with Sunny Milk as the boss?
A(P): I mean…
To (everyone): *laughs*
A (P): Cirno’s name, have you seen his name? His name is “The Strongest”

Q: Phantasma, are you an Alliance or Treasury player? (Referring to WoW)
A (P): Neither. I play where the competitiveness is. I’m just going for the rankings.

Q: What will happen to the Worlds card in hand?
A(P): Uh, I think we’ve shown what’s going to happen because it’s a farmable card in Fire EX…

Q: Can you increase the visual ceiling of rooms?
A(P): This is a question for the client’s engineers, although I think there are some limitations to that.

Q: When will you add fumo versions of units to the game?
A (P): I mean, it’s my personal dream, but, yes.

Q: Have you played the brand new Yu-Gi-Oh game?
A(P): I wasn’t a fan because of the gacha in it, I don’t know. I thought I would spend too much money on it, so I deleted it.

Q: How many retweets do we need to get the 30 free prayers?
A (P): If you look at the image, it says 2,000 retweets. 2,000 retweets for free prayers.

Q: [Phantasma] said [there was] will you be doing rotating elementary EX stages on the day of the week?
A(P): Yeah…it might not work out with the way the stages ended.
A (N): Maybe a weekly rotation?
A (P): It depends on the structure. If it’s the current structure, weekly or bi-weekly, that might work.

Q: The CN version of LostWord has its own story map. Will we finally get this story map?
A(P): I don’t know.
A(N): I think the CN version is handled by a different development studio.

Q: Phantasma, what is your opinion on battle passes?
A (P): Total personal opinionbut, if anyone plays epic seven, i’m a fan of the epic seven battle pass, because you don’t necessarily have to spend money on it – you can just spend the in-game crystals that you earn by simply completing tasks, etc. .

Q: Regarding battle passes, is the CN version of the battle pass something you would consider adding to Global?
A (P): I would like the interface.
A(D): Maybe CN’s battle pass content isn’t such a good idea.
A (P): It’s good that they added it. It’s good that they made the effort to put content in the game.

Q: Will they ever explain how pizza and cheese ended up in Gensokyo?
A (S): Yukari can get things from other worlds.
A(N): Well, here it is. Plot hole.
A(S): Well, Rinnosuke’s shop also sells stuff from the outside world, mostly antiques, but I’m sure he can slip a pizza in there.


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