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Elden Ring features a wide variety of different dungeon types, and unlike previous From Software titles, most of these dungeons are entirely optional and serve as secondary content to be discovered while exploring the Lands Between. This page includes a list of optional dungeons found in Limgrave – each with their own unique items, bosses, and rewards.

In the Middle Lands, dungeons can vary in size, shape, and difficulty – from small caves consisting of only a few rooms to more sprawling dungeons and crypts that can have multiple paths to take. Each optional dungeon has its own site of thanksgiving as well as a boss to defeat that can yield unique rewards. You will find dungeons in each of the Midlands regions.


Below is a list of all known dungeons in the Limgrave region of Elden Ring, not including the Legacy Dungeons needed to complete your adventure as a Terni in the Middle Lands. Click on a section below to learn more about the dungeon, where it can be found, what enemies you’ll need to watch out for, each item you can find, and strategies for defeating its boss.

There are currently 15 known optional dungeons in the Limgrave region of the Lands Between.


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