Lewis Larbalestier Hamilton honors his mother’s name


Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is adding his mother’s maiden name Larbalestier to his own, as a sign of respect and recognition for his role as his superstar.

Speaking at Expo 2020 in Dubai ahead of this week’s season-opening race in Bahrain, the 37-year-old Briton said he was working on the switch and hoped to do so soon.

“I’m really proud of my family name ‘Hamilton’,” he explained. “In fact, none of you may know that my mother’s name is Larbalestier.

“I’m about to put that in my name because I don’t really understand the whole idea that when people get married the woman loses her name. And my mother, I really want her name to continue with the name Hamilton.

Hamilton’s mother, Carmen, and father Anthony separated when he was two. She accompanied the Mercedes driver to Windsor Castle in December when he received his knighthood.

Hamilton reflected on his side’s tough pre-season testing in Bahrain, just days away from the season opener at the same venue.

“The tests were difficult,” he revealed. “There were a lot of cars that seemed quite fast. The Alfa Romeo was looking fast, Valtteri [Bottas] looked quickly. Obviously the Red Bull is looking ridiculously fast right now, and the Ferraris.

“But we are the best team,” Hamilton added emphatically. “Undoubtedly.”

Mercedes engineers love a challenge

“Testing was tough but what’s great is now after that I have a conference call with all the guys at Brixworth [Mercedes High Performance Powertrains’ HQ in the UK]talking about the engine, the handling, how we can get more power for this week,” he explained.

“Then I have another conference call with all the engineers at Brackley [Mercedes’ factory] and just [discussing] how we can get this car going, how we can keep it from jumping, how we can get all the performance out of it. So everybody’s excited, everybody’s excited.

“And these engineers, they love a challenge. So that’s good,” concluded Hamilton.

The driver will chase a record eighth championship this year after losing to Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi on the final lap of a controversial final race of 2021.

He said on Monday that winning isn’t everything and that “sometimes when you lose, you win and you grow, and my advice to people is, ‘Don’t be afraid of failure’.”

Hamilton said during testing in Bahrain last week that Mercedes were behind Ferrari and Red Bull and that his car, in its current form, lacked the pace to compete for wins. (Reporting by Alan Baldwin, Additional reporting by Grandprix247)


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