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Impact on the operator: Moo

Meta-use: moo

Explanation: It looks like Firewatch’s mod was designed to help his S2, which is unfortunate, as it’s probably his least useful/unique skill. If you mainly use Firewatch for its S1, this module usually won’t make much difference. S1 already has amazing uptime and super long duration compared to its relatively low charge time, so this mod will have very little time to activate, and in situations where you’re using S1, it attacks things while the skill is down is probably not an ideal situation anyway.

If you use his S2, the mod has a bit more value, but not as much as it looks. Since S2 has a long charge time, the extra SP can help it prepare faster for the next bombardment. Unfortunately, she only gains the extra SP on attacks and she has a very slow ASPD. For example, at M3 in the BEST case (it constantly attacks and does not kill anything), it can shorten the charge time by about 14 seconds (about 28%). It’s certainly not nothing, but for a burst skill that will usually be registered to activate at the right time, those seconds often don’t make much of a difference. Every second of non-attack or deathblows only makes the situation worse. Due to the slow attack time, the non-kill restriction can make a big difference if kill shots occur, which is more likely because it prioritizes low DEF enemies and has high ATK.


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