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This Genshin Impact Kazuha Build Guide details everything you need to know in order to maximize Kaedehara Kazuha’s performance on your team, including recommended weapons, artifacts, and ideal team compositions.

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Kazuha is one of the most versatile characters on Genshin Impact’s roster. He excels at dealing widespread elemental damage and generating energy for the party, and his passive talents increase the party-wide’s elemental damage output based on his elemental mastery. He’s a spectacular character to have on any team, especially if you need to apply items to many enemies at once.

Best Weapons for Kazuha

The best weapons for Kazuha depend on the type of Artifact main stats you are using. If you perform a full elemental mastery on him, we suggest going for a sword that has energy recharge as a sub-stat like the Sacrificial Sword. The Sacrificial Sword has the added benefit of resetting Kazuha’s skill cooldown, giving you the advantage of one of her Constellations without having to unlock the Constellation.

If you don’t mind artifact stats or really don’t feel like grinding for an ideal set, we suggest an elemental mastery sword, like Iron Sting or Freedom-Sworn.

Freedom Sworn has a very high elemental mastery stat and increases the user’s normal, charged, and dipping attack power. Since most of Kazuha’s non-elemental damage will come from diving attacks, this is her ideal sword.

But it’s also hard to get. Iron Sting also increases Elemental Mastery and increases all damage by 6% after dealing elemental damage. It stacks twice, and since Iron Sting is a craftable weapon, you can increase the effectiveness of the passive skill without too much trouble, ultimately giving you a higher damage boost than a Sworn Sword of Freedom. basic level.


Weapon name Description in game
sacrificial sword After dealing damage to an opponent with an elemental skill, the skill has a 40% chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30 seconds.
Sworn freedom Part of the “Millennial Movement” that wanders among the winds. Increases DMG by 10%. When the character wielding this weapon triggers elemental reactions, they gain a Seal of Rebellion. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5s and can be triggered even if said character is not on the field.

When you have 2 Sigils of Rebellion, they will all be consumed and all nearby party members will get “Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance” for 12s. “Millennial Movement: Song of Resistance” increases Normal, Charged, and Diving Attack DMG by 16% and increases Atk by 20%. Once this effect is triggered, you will no longer gain Rebellion Seals for 20 seconds.
Among the many effects of the “Millennial Move”, buffs of the same type will not stack.

iron dart Dealing Elemental DMG increases all DMG by 6% for 6s. Max 2 batteries. Can only occur once every 1s.

Best Artifacts for Kazuha

Like most Anemo characters, you want to aim for a full set of Viridescent Venerer with Kazuha. In addition to increasing Anemo’s damage, it lowers enemy resistance to elements used in a Swirl Reaction, allowing you to virtually decimate the opposition.

Artifact name Description in game
worship viridescent
  • 2-Piece Effect: Anemo Damage Bonus +15%
  • 4 Piece Effect: Increases Whirlwind damage by 60%. Decreases opponent’s Elemental Resistance to Element Infused in Whirlwind by 40% for 10 seconds.

For stats, here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Energy Recharge/Sands of Elemental Mastery (based on your Energy Recharge)
  • Goblet of Elemental Mastery
  • Tiara of Elemental Mastery
Kazuha has a little problem recharging energy. If you run him as an Anemo character alone, make sure he has at least 180% energy recharge. If you have other anemo characters such as Sucrose or Venti, an energy recharge of around 145% should work.

Best Team Kazuha Compositions


Kazuha adapts to almost any team you can imagine, so while there are meta teams you can aim for, we also recommend experimenting to find different ways to put her abilities to good use.

A meta team would be a freeze or vaporize team.

Spray Team

Kazuha plays a passive role here, reducing enemy resistance and improving the party’s elemental damage. The goal is to use Xiangling’s burst to create continuous Pyro damage and switch to Childe to continue triggering the vaporize. Bennett is here for elemental resonance and healing.

Freeze team

In this team, Kazuha performs the same function as the Vaporize team, but also releases hydro from Mona’s skill and burst. Ayaka’s dash and skills trigger multiple freeze reactions. Diona is a popular pick for healing and shields, but we also like Shenhe thanks to the increased elemental damage she can provide.


Ayaka is the usual choice, but Kaeya tends to be easier to use and has better energy recharge.

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