Karina Kurzawa Bio: Age, Height, KarinaOMG (GamerGirl), Boyfriend, Net Worth


Karina Kurzawa Bio: Age, Height, KarinaOMG (GamerGirl), Boyfriend, Net Worth.

Karina Kurzawa is a YouTuber and social media sensation from Canada. She rose to prominence after sharing videos of herself playing Minecraft, Roblox and other games on her GamerGirl YouTube channel. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel where she uploads a range of content such as vlogs, pranks, challenges, crafts, and more. Karina, along with her siblings RonaldOMG and Aria, host the SIS vs BRO YouTube channel. She joined YouTube in November 2017. Karina is also active on TiKTok and Instagram.

Karina Kurzawa: Profile Summary

Full Name: Karina Kurzawa
Gender: Female
Job: YouTuber
Country: Canada
Height: 4 feet 11 inches (1.50 m)
Net value $1 million
Eye colour Brown
Hair color Blond
Place of birth Canada
Nationality canadian
Dad Fred Kurzawa
Brothers and sisters Ronald Kurzawa, Aria Kurzawa

Karina Kurzawa: Biography

Karina Kurzawa is a well-known Canadian game streamer who made a name for herself by uploading Minecraft game videos to YouTube. Karina Kurzawa is 14 years old and was born in Canada on March 23, 2007. Karina’s zodiac sign is Aries. As for Karina’s family, her father’s name is Fred Kurzawa. Ronald Kurzawa and Aria Kurzawa are his two siblings.

Karina Kurzawa: Age / Birthday

Karina Kurzawa’s age is 15 years old (from 2022). His zodiac sign is Ram. She believes in Christianity.

Karina Kurzawa: height, weight and measurements

Talking about Karina Kurzawa’s physical appearance, she is about 5 feet 1 inch tall and 53 kg weight. Her hair color is dark brown and the color of his eyes is brown. She has acquired an amazing and captivating slim-fit physique. Her measurements are approx. 30-23-32.

Karina Kurzawa: Youtube and Rise To Stardom

At the age of 11, in November 2015, Karina Kurzawa began his Youtube journey by launching a self-titled Youtube channel. At the time, it was called FUNwithKARINA. She posted her first video on Youtube on February 22, 2016. The title of the video is ”How to make a DIY photo frame | Easy Kids Crafts’, it has reached millions of views so far. For the first four months, she was very active on her channel, but in June 2016, she stopped posting videos. And in July 2018, she returned to her channel and started posting a variety of content like DIY, makeup, fashion, and short videos and rose to prominence.

Some of the channel’s viral videos are ”Do Something Stupid at 2:13”, ”How to Make a Nebula Galaxy Bottle”, ”What I Got for My 12th Birthday!!”, ”J ‘left my Summer Camp!’, etc.

Karina has another Youtube channel called Gamer which it launched on April 24, 2016. The channel currently has millions of subscribers for its gaming content like Minecraft and Roblox. Some of the most viewed videos on the channel are ”GET CATCHED IN A TORNADO WITH RONALD!!! “Go to jail in an OBBY! Escape the Prison + Rob The Bank OBBY”, ”Hide and Seek with Ronald!”, ”Scaping Grandma’s House OBBY!”, and more.

On top of that, Karina along with her siblings Aria and RonaldOMG own a SIS vs. BRO titled Youtube channel which has accumulated billions of views. They post vlogs, challenges, pranks, routines and other content on their Youtube channel. The channel’s most popular video is ”NIGHTTIME ROUTINE!! SCHOOL DAY vs WEEKEND”, it has 126 million views to date.

Karina Kurzawa: TikTok

Karina Kurzawa has expanded its fan base on the short video maker app TikTok. She has wowed millions of followers on her Tiktok account titled Karina_Kurzawa with her lip-sync, dance and comedy content.

Karina Kurzawa: net worth

Is Canadian Youtuber and social media starlet Karina rich? Karina has not disclosed anything regarding her earnings. According to authentic sources, Karina’s current net worth is around $1.6 million USD. Its main sources of income are brand endorsements and social media platforms, especially Youtube. As his career is active, one can expect his net worth to increase in the coming years.

Net value $1.6 million USD

Karina Kurzawa: Facts

  1. His brother Ronald is also an aspiring YouTuber who is a gaming channel RonaldOMG has over 2.5 million followers.
  2. She spent her childhood in Canada, then moved to Spain in 2016.
  3. The reason her family moved to Spain is because Karina is allergic to cold.
  4. She started her YouTube journey with her toy tutorial and review channel titled FUNwithKARINA on November 1, 2015. Although she later renamed the channel, Karina Kurzawa and began uploading makeup, fashion, travel vlog and product review content to the channel in July 2018.
  5. Karina was 7 years old when she made her first YouTube video.
  6. Her father Freedy is also a well-known YouTuber who uploads Minecraft and fortnite gaming videos on his eponymous channel.
  7. Karina and her younger brother Ronald formed their successful YouTube channel sister vs brother on March 3, 2016. Some of their most viral videos on the channel are “Blindfolded Slime Prank Challenge Gone Wrong”, “Going to Prison in an OBBY!” “Escape the Jail + Rob The Bank OBBY”. As of July 2019, the videos have over 20 million views.
  8. She launched her gaming channel titled Gamer on April 23, 2016. His videos about games like Roblox, Minecraftand The Sims4 have also earned him quite a number of fans around the world.
  9. Karina loves eating pizza at a restaurant called Busan-Toro. She also prefers pizza to burgers.
  10. She enjoys traveling to exotic countries like Thailand and the Philippines with her family.
  11. Karina was learning to speak Spanish in 2018.
  12. She’s a big fan of sci-fi and teen drama stranger things.
  13. Karina enjoys playing basketball and badminton. She also loves canoeing.
  14. It was her parents who encouraged Karina and her brother to start their own YouTube channels.
  15. Karina doesn’t like to lose.
  16. Karina enjoys shopping at clothing stores like Aritzia, H&M, Bershkaand Zara.
  17. She prefers to wear dresses over skirts.
  18. She prefers unicorns to mermaids.
  19. The only type of nut that she and her brother are not allergic to is hazelnuts.
  20. Her best friend’s name is Olivia.
  21. In 2017, Karina started taking piano lessons.
  22. Since her mother did not appear in their videos, fans began to speculate that their mother had passed away in the past.
  23. Karina often has to have her ears pierced because the holes tend to close quickly.
  24. In 2018, they had 7 computers in their house.
  25. She has 2 cats named Chibi and George.
  26. In 2018, Karina revealed that she had joined her school rock band as a guitarist and was scheduled to play her first show on November 9.
  27. Karina was the first person in her family to upload a video to YouTube.
  28. She doesn’t like going to swimming lessons at school.
  29. Visit its official site @sisvsbro.com.
  30. Follow the sister vs brother collaboration sites on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


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