Kangana Ranaut will sue a movie magazine for inviting her to an award ceremony: “I’m shocked to know that they keep naming me…”


Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut decided to sue a movie magazine because they invited her to their awards show and also wanted to give her an award for her performance in Thalaivii.

Taking to Instagram, the Queen actor wrote: ‘I have banned unethical, corrupt and totally unfair practices like @filmfare since 2014 but ever since I have had many calls from them to to have attended their award ceremony this year, because they want to give me award for Thalaivii… I am shocked to know that they still nominate me. It’s below my dignity, my work ethic and my value system to encourage such corrupt practices anyway, which is why I decided to sue @filmfare… thank you.

(Photo: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram)

In an interview with Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand, Kangana Ranaut explained how she was denied an award. She had said, “At the start, you have this ideal notion of the system. This is to add to your Wikipedia (page) so that everything is a fairy tale image. I have had very unpleasant experiences. At first I dressed up for an award, I don’t remember the award, but I was supposed to get the supporting cast award for Life In A Metro. I was stuck in traffic jams. I started getting calls asking “where are you”. The hysteria and panic I went through, I didn’t make it and Soha (Ali Khan) got it for Rang De Basanti.

On the work side, Kangana Ranaut is directing her next film Emergency, in which she tries out the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Recently, Mahima Chaudhary joined the cast of the film, and she will play the role of Pupul Jaykar.


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